What are the Benefits of a Sensory Bathroom?

For most people having a bath is an enjoyable and calming experience. However, those with disabilities may find bath time experiences quite stressful. We want to help make baths relaxing for all.

How a Sensory Bathroom can help those with Disabilities

A Sensory Bathroom is a fantastic way of providing a relaxingcalming bathtime environment. Using music, colour changing lights and interactive sensory resources to create a delightfully stimulating sensory experience.

Rhino UK’s Sensory Bathrooms can help relax muscles and reduce pain and anxiety. They are of particular value to people living with dementia, who can sometimes find bathtime disturbing and stressful, as the sensory element helps them to regain control of their surroundings which can reduce tension and anxiety.

Here is a drawing of a Sensory Bathroom we have recently designed and installed:


One of the key elements of a Sensory Bathroom is a sensory projector. They provide relaxing imagery and distract those who feel anxious during bathtime while also developing a range of skills, including tracking, cause and effect, and colour recognition.

Our projectors come with a sensory wheel rotator, so the moving images constantly provide distracting visual stimulation. The projection wheels themselves can be themed or individualised to the user’s interests and hobbies. The projector can create sensory images on walls, floors, ceilings and even directly into the bath, creating wonderful interactive, immersive sensory experiences.

Adding an interactive element is also a good idea, as it allows the user to feel in control of their surroundings. We have added an Interactive Bubble Wall into this room. The Bubble Wall creates an immense wall of bubbling water complete with LED technology that also provides a stunningly intense colour display. The interactive elements enable the user to select the colour of the Bubble Wall by either a wireless control box or buttons on the front of the panel.

This sensory bathroom also has a Fibre Optic Curtain, which gives a stunning effect of a showering wall of glistening colour. The curtain adds another mesmerising feature to the room for the user to gaze into and find calming and visually stimulating.

Also included in our Sensory Bathroom is a sound system. Sensory audio products, such as speakers and amplifiers, can be a great addition to any Sensory Bathroom. If used correctly, sensory music can create an immersive atmosphere – which is essential when creating a feeling of safety and tranquillity.

Another idea for a Sensory Bathroom is to add mood lighting. Sensory mood lighting has been used in various studies, with researchers unanimously agreeing that when used correctly, various colours of light can positively influence people’s mood, attitude and also stimulate and balance their sensory system, particularly those on the autism spectrum.

We also offer a range of Hoist Systems to help users manoeuvre around the bathroom, making it more comfortable and accessible.


To find out more about Sensory Bathrooms and how they could benefit you, please get in touch with the Rhino Sensory team. Email: sales@dev-rhinouk.pantheonsite.io or call 01270 766660.