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Our Top Sensory Hydropool Designs


Offer patients the unique experience to completely relax their muscles, therapeutically relieving pain. Perfect for use by physiotherapists in rehab centres.

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Hydropools help children feel more comfortable with their bodies and how they move, offering unique stimulation, boosting confidence, and reducing stress.

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Social Care

Remove any worry from daily routines by creating a safe and controlled bathroom space, that allows users to look after themselves independently.

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Avoid daily meltdowns by creating a deeply stimulating and relaxing bathroom environment, filled with colourful lights that distract and soothe.

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The Therapeutic Benefits of Hydropools & Sensory Bathrooms

Hydro-sensory provides unique therapeutic experiences, using a variety of lighting and sound effects to create immersive environments that promote bodily awareness and development.

Hydropools help users become more acquainted with their bodies and how they move. Water lifts the weight and tension from muscles, allowing uninhibited movement. Hydrotherapy is generally used by physiotherapists in rehab centres, but it can also be used within education settings, helping to stimulate and relax disabled students’ bodies and minds.

Sensory bathrooms are popular in private and social care settings, removing the stress from overwhelming environments and creating relaxing spaces that are safe for independent use in daily routines.

The Benefits of Hydro-Sensory:

  • Hydropools provide unique and therapeutic full-body stimulation, great for building proprioceptive and gross motor skills.
  • Hydrotherapy is great for relaxing muscles and reducing pain, perfect for users with a disability or movement issues.
  • Creating calming bathroom environments helps users with dementia feel relaxed and in control.
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Hydropool Installation Gallery

Discover how soft and colourful lighting effects can transform pools and bathrooms into uniquely stimulating multisensory environments.

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Each and every aquatic sensory space we create is unique. From family pools to private bathrooms, our sensory team will craft a bespoke design, perfect for your needs, budget and space.

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Kisharon Special School
London, England
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