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VAT Exemption

What is VAT Exemption?

Standard rate VAT is charged to all customers including charities, unless the product is eligible for zero rated VAT, for full details please contact your local VAT office.

Zero Rated VAT; some products are eligible for Zero Rated VAT, provided they are bought by a registered charity or are for use by a named individual who has a chronic condition. For full details please contact your local VAT office.


Products that are eligible to Zero Rated VAT are those that can be used for therapeutic treatment, or those that have been specially adapted or made for use by person suffering from a chronic condition or disability.

E.g. a projector is not VAT exempt, but when it is purchased as part of a Rhino Sensory Voyager as a complete mobile sensory room, this makes it an item that is adapted and designed for the use of a person with a chronic condition or disability; it then becomes eligible for Zero Rated VAT.

For full details contact your local VAT office.


Installation or maintenance of specially adapted equipment is eligible for Zero Rated VAT.  Please check with your local VAT office for full details.

For those eligible for Zero Rated VAT, a VAT exemption certificate must be completed and sent in with your purchase order. If you require a VAT exemption certificate, please contact our Sales Team who will be happy to send one to you (Standard Local Authority forms are accepted). If you are in any doubt as to whether you are eligible to receive goods or services zero rated for VAT, you should consult your local VAT office before signing the declaration.

WARNING: Section 39.2 of the VAT Act 1983 provides severe penalties for anyone who makes use of a document which they know to be false for the purposes of obtaining VAT relief.

Download one of the forms below:

  1. The Individual VAT Exemption
  2. The Charity VAT Exemption Form

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