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Designing & Installing Sensory Reminiscence Rooms

Reminiscence Rooms act as therapeutic portals to the past. Comforting, relaxing and inspiring conversation for elderly residents.

Popular Sensory Room Designs For Adults

Wellbeing Room

Soft mood lighting, cosy beanbags & distracting visual displays take us away from our worries, and ground us in the moment.

Reminiscence Lounge

Create a familiar space furnished like a portal to one’s past. Calm and relax patients with Dementia & Alzheimer’s, make them feel like they’re home.

Namaste Room

A space where people with advanced Dementia can comfortably be at one with themselves. For relaxation, stimulation & comfort.

Bedroom Lighting

Sensory mood lighting is perfect for creating a therapeutic, naturally relaxing space. Helping you to get a good night’s sleep.

The Benefits of
Reminiscence Rooms

Reminiscence rooms are spaces where someone living with Dementia can experience and find comfort in nostalgia.

Surrounded by homely familiar furnishings and décor, comforting memories can emerge, helping users feel more like themselves.

Reminiscence resources can be used in a wide range of settings, from hospital wards, to care homes, and within private residences.

Benefits of Reminiscence Rooms:

  • Encourage nostalgia and support life-story therapy.
  • Support and comfort people with advanced Dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • Create familiar social spaces that improve communication skills.
  • Reminiscence rooms can act as safe spaces for users to relax, find calm, and softly stimulate their senses.
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Sensory for Adults Installation Gallery

Find inspiration for your own project. Explore our gallery filled with photos from some of our favourite adult based sensory installs; from therapeutic Namaste Rooms to accessible Reminiscence Lounges.

Bespoke Designs, Just For You

Every Adult Sensory Space we create is unique. From Namaste Rooms to Sensory Lounges, our sensory team will craft a bespoke design, perfect for your needs, budget and users.

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Sensory Rooms for Adults Case Studies

Bucklow Manor


Prestwick Care Home

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Lancashire Adult Short Break


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“There have been some very positive outcomes for residents who have participated in the Namaste Sessions held in our new Sensory Space. With a reduction in falls, anxiety and agitation, and a strong improvements in communication skills."

Donna Booth

Care Home Manager

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Help patients feel comforted in their time of need by adding some soothing sensory touches to wards, treatment rooms, and recreation areas.

Care Homes

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits that sensory spaces can bring to residents with Dementia & Alzheimer’s, helping them feel more like themselves.

Public Spaces

Design inclusive environments that have the right sensory balance for everyone. So, they can feel confident and comfortable in a space.


From bedrooms to bathrooms, transform private spaces into therapeutic sensory environments, so you can relax and find comfort in your own home.

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