Sensory & Mental Health

To expand our work and research into sensory and how it can support mental health, we’ve collaborated with Jennifer Beal, Head of Occupational Therapy at Cygnet Healthcare. Together, we aim to deliver sensory insights and studies to support mental health care.

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The Project

We’ve teamed up with Jennifer to expand our research in the mental health field, exploring how sensory interventions can enhance mental health care practices.

Through joint studies and shared experiences, we plan to pave the way for innovative approaches to wellbeing, fostering a deeper understanding of the impact sensory stimuli can have on mental health.

Together we’re committed to promoting a more inclusive and practical approach to mental healthcare that values the interplay between sensory and emotional wellbeing.

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Meet Jennifer

Jennifer graduated as an occupational therapist from the London School of Occupational Therapy in 1994, specializing in mental health services. Throughout her career, she worked extensively in the NHS, overseeing and enhancing the low and medium secure therapy and education services. In 2012, Jennifer joined Cygnet Healthcare as Head of Occupational Therapy.

Her passion lies in enhancing clinical effectiveness and the quality of mental health care. Jennifer frequently speaks at both local and national professional gatherings to exchange insights on occupation-focused mental health services.

Currently, she is pursuing a professional doctorate at the University of East Anglia.

Research Papers

Sensory & Mental Health

Addressing Sensory Needs on a Personality Disorder Ward: A Case Example
Sensory Based Interventions To Improve Your Brain Functioning
The Environmental Context & Resources To Address Sensory Needs in Adult Mental Health Settings

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