Designing & Installing Sensory Rooms For Private Clients

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At Home

Turn your home into a safe sensory playground, perfect for supporting, uplifting, and developing your child’s senses and wellbeing.

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Therapy Clinics

Find the resources you’ll need to support your diverse client base's mental, physical and social development.

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Create inclusive break-out spaces accessible for those with additional needs so that everyone can have a world-class experience.

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Charity Centres

Bring your local community together with a range of sensory resources for supporting wellbeing, sparking conversations and promoting group activities.

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The Benefits of Sensory in Private Settings

Multi-sensory spaces, resources and experiences can make private spaces inclusive for all, whether that’s a special sensory viewing box at a world-class football stadium or making your home more accessible for your child with hoist systems and safety padding.

The Benefits of Sensory in Private Spaces:

  • Inclusive Experiences: Private spaces can quickly become overstimulating for people with additional needs, turning a nice day out into a nightmare. Inclusive sensory design and unique sensory areas can make environments enjoyable for all.
  • Personal & Practical: Creating your own home sensory environment is the perfect opportunity to design a space fit for your individual needs, aiding development and wellbeing.
  • Bringing Communities Together: Sensory Spaces can quickly become much-needed wellbeing hubs for your community. The relaxed ambience and soft seating are perfect for people to socialise, relax and feel connected to their community.
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Naturally Connecting Senses

Sensory exploration is a natural part of human life, from listening to the wind whistle through the trees on a daily walk, to the sun warming your skin on a hot summer’s day.

Sensory Rooms help those who can’t experience organic outdoor stimulation by creating inclusive immersive sensory environments inside, where users can explore their senses naturally, in a safe and accessible space at their own pace.

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Our Top Sensory Solutions for Private Users

Sensory Therapy Room

Sensory Integration Rooms are therapeutic spaces dedicated to developing Vestibular and Proprioceptive senses, typically used by OT's & Physiotherapists.

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Sensory Bedroom

Create deeply relaxing personal spaces, that are the perfect antidote to the overstimulating outside world with our inclusive Sensory Bedroom collection.

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Multi-Sensory Room

They are a classic sensory staple for a reason. Filled with distracting and calming light, sound and tactile features, multisensory rooms are the perfect therapeutic playground.

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Portable Sensory

Whether you are tight for space, have limited resources, or want a flexible sensory experience that can be shared by lots of people, Portable Sensory is for you.

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Bespoke Solutions, Just For You

We enjoy a challenge. Whether it’s an odd space, a limited budget, or a tight project timescale – our team of sensory experts are ready to work hard to turn your sensory dreams into a reality!

Request our Design Brochure or get in touch with our Sensory Design Team to kickstart your sensory project.

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