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Whether you're on a budget or love to find a bargain, our Clearance collection will be perfect for you! Discover old ranges, left over stock and seasonal items that are still filled with spectacular sensory potential, but at a discounted price.

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42 Litre Really Useful Storage Box

Set of four really useful storage boxes, great to keep all of your sensory toys and resources nicely tidied away.


53″ Corinthian Bell Windchime

This Corinthian Bell Wind Chime is both visually and acoustically exceptional.

Activity Ring Set

Activity Ring Set

Set of brightly coloured activity rings for countless motor activities.

African Animals - Finger Puppets

African Animals – Finger Puppets

The finger puppets are great for creativity and promoting motor skills.


Aroma Cubes – Fun Fair

Peel the plastic film from the top of the cube to experience a unique smell. Liven up a storytelling, relaxing or sensory stimulation session with the smell of your choice.


Baby Dragon in an Egg

Great distraction puppet with shiny scales, piercing amber eyes, pointed ears with wings.


Baby Links

Bright and colorful baby links which can attach to cots, strollers and play pens.

Balancing Egg

Balancing Egg

The egg is unique in combining a lot of fun with both awareness of posture and the development of balancing skills.


Blue & Gold Macaw Puppet

The puppet has a wonderful face, long pile and beautifully printed finishes. Along with a squawk and full working mouth.



The Cabasa is an wooden instrument that is constructed with loops of steel ball chain wrapped around a wide cylinder. The Cabasa can be shaken or twisted to make a rattlesnake sound.

Dinosaur Sticker Set Multi-Sensory Equipment

Dinosaur Sticker Set

Our range of Sticker Packs have been designed to enhance creativity, boost motor skills and encourage narrative thinking. The reusable, easy to peel vinyl stickers make it easy for children to create their own stories.

Sensory Discover Baskets

Discover Baskets

A Basket full of different options including 48 different objects which they encounter in everyday life. The basket gives many possibilities for playing, learning and elderly reminiscence activities.

Distraction Kit Portable Sensory Solutions

Distraction Kit

Handpicked by our team of Sensory Experts, the Distraction Kit is filled with a variety of distracting sensory resources that will provide hours of stimulating fun.


Effect Wheels 6″ Jigsaw

The Jigsaw Effects Wheel is a continuous image of bright colored jigsaw pieces.

Aviation Effect Wheel

Effect Wheels 6″ Aviation

The Aviation Effects Wheel is a continuous image Effects Wheel that depicts manned flight in illustrated form.

Fire Effect Wheel

Effect Wheels 6″ Fire

Our Fire Effect Wheel creates a continuous image of visually stimulating, flickering flames.


Effect Wheels 6″ Floral

The Floral Effects Wheel is a continuous image Effects Wheel that depicts depicts simple graphic floral imagery in illustrated form.


Effect Wheels 6″ World

The World Effects Wheel is a continuous image that projects a graphic image of the world rotating.