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Health & Senses
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Care Homes

Self care is important. But there comes an age when ‘self care’ might require an extra pair of expert hands. Multi-sensory rooms immerse residents senses, providing calming therapeutic relief.


Brighten up gloomy corridors and sterile treatment rooms with a bright splash of sensory colour. Help patients, young or old, feel calm, centred, and supported in their time of need.


Spark joy, relax and create a sense of control. Multi-sensory environments are perfect places for therapeutic relaxation, group play and a safe space for independence.

Mental Health

Create therapeutic spaces for relaxation, safe padded areas for de-escalation, and break out areas for social activities. Support senses and support mental health.

The Benefits of Sensory
in Healthcare

Introducing a sparkle of multisensory to a healthcare environment can comfort, relax, and brighten up previously functional spaces – transforming experiences and helping patients feel more comfortable in their time of need.

Main benefits of Sensory in Healthcare:

  • Calm and relax patients before and after treatments, with sensory elements working as an effective pain distraction technique.
  • Support mental and motor development and rehabilitation.
  • Create spaces for safe independent relaxation, where patients can develop their own stress management skills.
  • Provide a safe quiet space that emotionally supports patients and their families during difficult situations.
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Naturally connecting senses

Sensory rooms are perfect for bringing your senses to life. Lighting and audio effects create stimulatingly accessible rooms that turn into immersive sensory environments with the press of a button. Dive underwater and swim with dolphins or suspend your imagination as your shoot into stars – create a sensory adventure perfect for you.

Sensory exploration is a natural part of human life. From listening to the wind whistle through the trees on a daily walk, to sun warming your skin on a summer's day. Sensory Rooms help those who may not be able to experience organic outdoor stimulation. Recreating sensory environments inside lets people explore their senses naturally, in a safe an accessible space, at their own pace.

Our Top Sensory Solutions for Healthcare Environments

Portable Sensory

Colourful, distracting, visually stimulating & accessible sensory that can be brought right to your bedside, and easily wheeled from ward to ward.

Multi-Sensory Room

They are a classic sensory staple for a reason. Filled with distracting and calming light, sound and tactile features, multisensory rooms are the perfect therapeutic playground.

Relaxation Lighting

Sensory lighting effects are perfect for creating calming atmospheres in clinical environments. Add a relaxing splash of colour for a dreamy distraction.

Interactive Projection

Touch free, infection control friendly, interactive fun; Interactive projection effects are great therapeutic aids for rehabilitation and physiotherapy sessions.

Bespoke Solutions Just For You

We enjoy a challenge. Whether it’s an odd space, limited budget, or tight project timescale – our team of sensory experts are ready to work hard to turn your sensory dreams into a reality!
We’d like to know more about your sensory project. What you envision your space to look like. What senses you’d like to stimulate. And, most importantly, who the rooms for.
Once we have a clearer idea of what you are hoping to create, or team of experts can start planning and designing your exciting new sensory space. From high-tech immersive multi-sensory rooms to smaller spaces that can be built upon over time, we’re sure we can create the perfect space for you.
Every design comes compete with a complete with 3D visuals and an equipment cost breakdown – perfect for you, your investors and architects.

Case Studies

North Middlesex Hospital


Royal Manchester Childrens Hospital


Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital


Covent House Care Home

Newcastle Upon Tyne

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"We are very satisfied with Rhino's service. They are efficient and friendly and their installation team are both professional and approachable!"

Julie Fisher

Bristol Children's Hospital

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