Hydro-Solar 250 LED Projector

SKU: O2002


Make a splash with our water-safe projector perfect for bathing Bathrooms and Hydropools in sensory light.


7-10 days

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Our Hydro-Solar Projector is specially designed for wet and humid spaces, like Sensory Bathrooms and Hydro Pools. It creates large, bright and visually stimulating images that distract, focus and calm users.

Hydro-Solar Projector Features:

  • Safe for use in swimming pools and sensory bathrooms.
  • Creates a stunning visual effect, transforming areas with themed sensory light.
  • Visual effects are great for calming anxiety and helping people to feel more comfortable in the water.
  • The projector’s motorless design makes it silent and cool to touch – safe for sensory play.

The Hydro-Solar Projector is compatible with all Solar Projector accessories and effect wheels.

Requires a wheel rotator and effect wheels.

Please get in touch with our sensory team or seek advice from a qualified electrician regarding the safe installation of this projector.

Product Code: O2002

Pack Quantity: 1


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