Hydro Solar 100 LED Projector

SKU: O2003


Make a splash with our water-safe projector perfect for bathing Bathrooms and Hydropools in sensory light.

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The Hydro-Solar 100 LED Projector is small, quiet, safe and creates powerful sensory light. What’s even better is this sensory projector is built for use in damp environments like Bathrooms and larger Hydro-Pools – so that you can enjoy calming stimulation even when you’re having a bath!

Lighter and smaller than the Solar 250 LED, this projector can be free-standing or fixed to a wall or ceiling. New LED technology means bulb changes are of the past, and the projector’s motorless design makes it silent and cool to touch.

Please note: A magnetic wheel rotator and sensory effect wheels need to be purchased separately for you to properly use the projector.

Size: L 21.5cm

Product Code: O2003

Sizes: L21.5cm

Pack Quantity: 1


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