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An uplifting, bright, bubbling spectacular! Interactive Bubble Walls are the perfect alternative to a Bubble Tube. They sit directly on top of walls, just like an interactive piece of art.


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An uplifting, bright, bubbling spectacular! Interactive Bubble Walls are the perfect alternative to a Bubble Tube in sensory spaces with limited floor space, as they sit directly on top of walls just like an interactive piece of art.

Interactive Bubble Walls are portraits of imagination and relaxation. Strong, practical and easy to clean, they provide enriching visual, tactile and auditory stimulation. There’s a reason why they’re a must-have for any multisensory environment.

Interact with the Bubble Wall in the way that best suits you. Select its glow from a rainbow of colours, control the flow of bubbles, press your hands against the wall’s frame and feel the soft vibrations of the bubbles, or sit back in a comfy beanbag and watch the calming visual display.

*To interact with the Bubble Wall, you’ll need a colour controller cube, colour controller buttons or an MSE receiver – get in touch for more information 🙂


  • Floating Bubbles: Bubble Walls are installed high off the ground, giving you more freedom and floor space. It’s a great Bubble Column alternative for active environments and spaces with limited floor space.
  • A Calming Presence: The column’s mesmerising LEDs perfectly complement the brilliant bubbling effects, drawing the attention of even the most distracted pair of eyes. They provide a sensory remedy for those who might be experiencing an emotional or sensory overload.
  • Robust and Easy to Clean: Bubble Walls are made from hard-wearing plastic that’s great for interactive sensory sessions. It’s also easy to clean, making it perfect for shared use in busy environments like hospital wards or schools where infection control is paramount.
  • Interactive Art: Immerse yourself in the sensory fun by interacting with the Bubble Wall. Choose the colour of the wall and affect the speed of the bubbles.

What’s included?

  • Interactive Bubble Wall

Great for:

  • Children and Adults
  • Distraction
  • Visual Stimulation
  • Autism
  • Dementia

Perfect for:

  • Multisensory Environments
  • Dark Rooms
  • Quiet Rooms
  • Waiting Rooms
  • Namaste Rooms
  • Calming Rooms

Product Code: R0022

Sizes: H120 x W60 x D8cm

Pack Quantity: 1


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