Magnetic Dual Wheel Rotator

SKU: O2065M


This versatile and adaptable rotator enables standard 6 inch wheels and Maxi 9 inch wheels to be used on your Projector.


3-5 days

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This new Opti Dual Magnetic Wheel Rotator now has NO CABLES! It is used with the new Opti Solar LED Projectors and simply slide in to the projector as before, without needing to plug them in. It fits into any new Solar LED Projector and has a double ended unit designed to accept either a 6″ Effect Wheel or a 9″ Max Wheel. Both effect wheel formats at any speed or direction from 50 minutes per rotation to 5rpm. No more need to buy different rotators for different wheels or speeds. Please Note: The magnetic parts of the rotator can be removed so non-magnetic wheels can be used.

Product Code: O2065M

Pack Quantity: 1


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