Sensory at Home

Emotions are high. Routines are out of the window. And we might not know where to focus our energy. It’s difficult, to say the least. 

But we want to let you know that the grey cloud of uncertainty will pass. Bright sunny skies are ahead. And whilst we wait for the sun to shine, we’re ready to bring you a radiant rainbow of Sensory Supplies.

Welcome to Sensory at Home!

Our new Rhino Department focusing on providing all of the sensory activities, inspiration, resources and support that you might need to get through these uncertain times. Helping you to turn a space in your home into a sensory paradise.

Sensory at Home will cover ten key areas, focusing on all five senses, which will help every individual. Allowing you to include sensory inspiration within every part of your day, bringing a calming and balanced structure.


Sensory Dens:

Sensory Dens are the perfect solution if you don’t have space for a full sensory room or even a sensory corner. Pop your den up, enjoy a comforting sensory experience, then pop it back down – easy-peasy.

Build your den wherever feels right; in your bedroom for some sleepy naps, for your spy headquarters in the living room, or even outside in the garden, the perfect hideout to spot some friendly dinosaurs.

Once you’re inside your den, you can relax and let your imagination run free, no matter what’s happening outside.

Check out our Den Building Guide here!


Sensory Bedrooms:

Keep restless nights at bay by adding a bit of sensory magic into your bedroom.

Project stars and galaxies onto your ceiling, fill the room with the relaxing aroma of lavender or cuddle up for storytime on a cosy beanbag. We have all the sensory supplies that you’ll need to make your bedroom dreamier, comfier and even more relaxing.


Sensory Calming:

Sensory Calming is a specially designed collection for those who have too much energy, like people with ADHD or Autism. Being cooped up indoors all day might lead to outbursts. Handily these products have been made to help you burn off any excess energy and relax.

Wrap yourself up in the weighted comfort of the Protac Sensit Chair, chew your stresses away on a Unicorn Teether, or lay back and relax with an adorable Precious Pet.

You’ll find that you’re a lot calmer in no time!


Sensory Exercise:

We all know that exercise is important. It can help you feel happier and more relaxed, and it also helps you become more familiar with your body and how it works!

As parks and play centres are closed, it’s a great opportunity to bring some of that excitement back into your own home or garden.

In this section, you’ll be able to find lots of stimulating items and activities that will get you up and active whilst also allowing you to explore your senses.

And you can find some fab sensory activities and workouts over on our blog.


Sensory Exploration:

Senses help us to understand the world around us, allowing us to grow and develop naturally within our environments. But what would it be like to explore the world through someone else’s eyes?

Let your imaginations run wild as you become a nature explorer, mad scientist, or sand sculpture-ist – with the help of these mesmerising gadgets and gooey, slimy and sandy activities.

Develop your sensory receptors and have a lot of messy (or clean) fun at the same time!


Sensory Fidgets:

Squash, squeeze, tangle or untangle your worries, anxieties and negative thoughts away with these handy gadgets. They’re portable, practical and oddly charming to look at. There are lots of fidgets in our collection; it won’t be long until you find the perfect one for you!


Sensory Learning:

Schools are probably going to be out until summer, so it’s important that you’ve got the right home school environment set up so that your child doesn’t miss out on key learning opportunities.

Make lessons interactive, engaging and fun with our collection of educational sensory resources. Bring some sensory delight into your home classroom as you expand your child’s mind both academically and sensitively.

Learn how you can make home school more manageable here.


Sensory Skills:

Take the time that you have at home to develop your sensory skills. Learn about the magical science behind magnets, bring the outdoors indoors with your very own Bee Flower Garden, or mould your hands around the colourfully fun therapy putty. Take your senses on an exotic holiday, and we’re sure that by the end of the summer, you’ll be masters of your senses!


Sensory Toys:

Laugh, learn and giggle with our fabulous collection of Sensory Toys. Designed with sensory fun in mind, you’ll be sure to find that dull moments will almost certainly be left behind.

Let your imaginations run wild as you discover that your senses can have a lot of fun too.


DIY Padding and Protection:

As your home becomes a new sensory playground, we want to make sure it’s safe to play in. Normal household objects like tables, cupboards and chairs, could now be classed as a dangerous area for nasty bumps or bruises. This is why we’ve created a DIY protection collection so that you can turn your home into a safe sensory space.


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