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Christmas Competition: Design Your Own Festive Effect Wheel

We might have been stuck inside for the best part of this year, but that hasn’t stopped us from being...

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Creating A Sensory Integration Room

With Sensory Integration becoming a popular topic of conversation, we thought that we’d create a handy blog post to talk...

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The Importance of Social Skills

Why are social skills important? Social skills are the foundation of our lifelong journey for personal development. They help us...

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World Rhino Day

What is World Rhino Day? The 22nd of September is World Rhino Day. A day dedicated to celebrating Rhinos all...

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The Wonderful World Of Fidgets

Why you might have heard of fidgets Fidgeting is a physical effect of our brain’s natural reaction to the world...

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Sensory & Nature: The Importance Of Outdoor Play

There’s a reason why the concept of sensory is firmly rooted within nature. Gardens, beaches, woods and parks are all...

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