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Sensory Fidgets

Squash, squeeze, tangle or untangle your worries, anxieties and negative thoughts away with these handy gadgets. They’re portable, practical and oddly charming to look at.

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Bead Filled Squidgy Shapes

Bead Filled Squidgy Shapes

Pack of four squidgy sensory shapes filled with bumpy tactile beads in bright primary colours that are excellent for squeezing, squashing and fidgeting!

Yellow Bendable Smiler

Bendable Smilers Pack

Our bright Bendable Smilers have long, flexible limbs that can be bent, twisted and shaped for hours of fidgety stimulation.



The Cabasa is an wooden instrument that is constructed with loops of steel ball chain wrapped around a wide cylinder. The Cabasa can be shaken or twisted to make a rattlesnake sound.

Curiosity Cubes

Curiosity Cubes

Each candy-coloured cube has a secret. Build fine motor skills, treat your tactile senses, and have fun curiously exploring these sensory cubes.



Dimpl’s design may be simple – but it’s packed with hours of stimulating, fidgeting and poking fun! Push the five colourful pops back and forth, build fine motor skills, and discover the magic of cause and effect.

Fidget Cube Autism Resources Size 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5cm

Fidget Cube

The Fidget Cube is the ultimate finger fidget gadget.

Fidget Foot Roller

Fidget Foot Roller

Find focus with our perfectly fidgety Foot Roller. Sit down, roll your feet over the textured roller and increase your focus.

Fidget Pop Tubes

Fidget Pop Tubes

A fiddly fidget with a musical twist - listen, focus and explore the tube’s stimulating sounds and textures.

Fidget Sensory Kit Autism Resources

Fidget Sensory Kit

We have carefully crafted a special Fidget Sensory Kit that's perfect for keeping fidgeting fingers happy and distracted minds focused, helping to boost concentration in learning environments.

Fidget Tubes

Fidget Tubes

The mesmerising motion inside these Fidget Tubes offers children a soothing visual distraction, helping them focus and calm down while encouraging independent play.

Furb - Large Puffer Ball

Furb – Large Puffer Ball

A super-sized, squashy ball filled with air and lots of fidgety tactile and visual stimulation!

Glitter Stick Kaleidoscope

Glitter Stick Kaleidoscope

Slide the glitter wand into place, peep through the kaleidoscope, and marvel at the wonderfully dynamic visual effects.



A handy, fun and safe two-in-one handheld fidget and chew aid for those who seek oral and tactile stimulation.

Infinity Cube

Infinity Cube

Fidget, flip and fold the cleverly designed cubes that can flip, fidget and transform infinitely.

Light Up Push Popper Fidget Spinner

Light Up Push Popper Fidget Spinner

Part fidget spinner, part push pop and a whole lot of fidgety, stimulating fun!

Molecule Stress Ball – Pack of 3 Autism Resources Size 6cm

Molecule Stress Ball – Pack of 3

Squishy Stress Ball with mini balls inside for excellent tactile and audio feedback when squeezed. They come in a set of three.

Pea Pod Push Popper Fidget Toy Adult Sensory Resources Size 5cm

Pea Pod Push Popper Fidget Toy

Pack of 3 pea pod push popper key chain fiddle toy that behaves like reusable bubble wrap.

Push Popper Mini Fidget Adult Sensory Resources Size 6cm

Push Popper Mini Fidget

Pack of 4 mini push popper on a key chain.  Fidget fiddle toy that behaves like reusable bubble wrap.