What do I need to create a Sensory Corner in my School?

Multi-Sensory Spaces in classrooms ensure all pupils can access education in a comforting environment.

A sensory area does not need to be a huge space, it can literally be just a corner of a room.

Recommended Sensory Equipment for Budget-Friendly Sensory Corner

  • Interactive Hurricane Column – This is a waterless version and therefore very little maintenance is required. The user can control the lights changing colour by using a colour controller.
  • Surround the Hurricane Column with a padded podium so the user can sit next to it and get more and more involved, mesmerised and relaxed by the changing colours and relaxing movement of the column.
  • Drape Fibre Optic Tails over the user so they can touch and see up close the beautiful sparkly changing colours.
  • Add a projector and choose from our range of effect wheels to integrate the corner into certain topics the pupils are learning about.
  • Put cosy cushions and blankets in the corner so the pupils can get nice and snug and comfortable.

This would create an overall relaxing environment for a child trying to take in information, learn something new, sit down to read a book or just for chill-out time.

Rhino Sensory UK love to design and create Multi-Sensory Rooms and recommend Sensory Resources that help you get the best sensory solution for your school or learning environment.

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