Sensory Exercise At Home

We all know that exercise is important. It can help you feel happier and more relaxed, and it also helps you become more familiar with your body and how it works! As parks and play centres are closed, it’s a great opportunity to bring some of that excitement back into your own home or garden. See below our sensory exercise inspiration and activities!


Sensory Benefits: Touch, Sight, Movement, Cognitive and Hand-Eye Coordination.

Description: A set of 5 pairs of oddly textured, soft silicone circles. Each circle has a matching twin, with the same colour and texture on top, and it’s up to you to pair them up! Strong and soft to the touch, they’ll provide a good grip on all surfaces, and if you’re taking them outside, they can be easily cleaned afterwards with some soapy water or a wash in the dishwasher.

3 Fun Silishapes Challenges:

Oh no! The floor has suddenly turned into lava! Do you have the dexterity to safely make it to the other side of the room/garden without falling in?

  • Place the Silishapes in an odd pattern around the room, leaving a comfortable distance between each disk. Jump from one to the other, using your balancing skills carefully so that you don’t fall in.
  • Make your routes more complex. Is that a box that you have to jump on, a pole to jump across, or a plank to walk along? Add extra physical elements for a bigger challenge and a bigger test of your motor skills.
  • Oh no, Mr Teddy is in trouble too! Amp up the skill level by carrying a soft toy with you, proving a real challenge to your balancing skills.

kids playing and discovering with silishapes


Sensory Benefits: Movement, Balance, Coordination, Muscle Strength.

Description: Get the Go-Go moving by pushing your feet down one at a time, fine-tune your balancing skills, and find a steady rhythm; you’ll soon be wheeling around your room or garden. The Go-Go’s fantastic mechanical structure lets you take full control of your play, making it the perfect exercise accessory for any ability.

Start slow and build up your confidence, or use your hands to understand the method behind the motion.

Play Tip: Become a master of the Go-Go, and experiment with changing directions. Use your balancing skills to lean in the direction that you want to travel, and then set your own route around the garden to follow.

kids wheeling along with the go-go


Mini Trampoline

Sensory Benefits: Movement, Energy Release, Gross Motor Skills.

Description: It may be small, but it is extraordinarily bouncy. Jump, bounce, twizzle and twirl on your mini trampoline, burn off any excess energy and have a lot of fun.

Our ultra-strong mini trampoline comes with a handy support bar to make jumping a little easier and a lot safer. The bar provides support for those who may need help with balance and also doubles as a great aid for therapy exercises.

A 5 Step Trampoline Workout

Start jumping, feel your knees bounce and curl your toes as they fly through the air. Then try this super fun workout!

  • Ten star jumps
  • Ten high jumps
  • Ten tuck jumps
  • Ten silly jumps
  • Run as fast as you can for ten seconds.

Top Tip: Put on some of your favourite tunes to bounce along to!

children having fun on their mini trampolines



Sensory Benefits: Movement, Balance, Coordination, Muscle Strength.

Description: Challenge your sense of balance and coordination with the Wippwalker. Carefully shift your weight from side to side to make the balance board ‘walk’ forward. It’s not easy and will take a bit of work, but once you’ve cracked it, there is so much fun to be had!

It’s a perfect exercise element for older children who are more attuned to their body.

Play Tip: Feel comfortable walking around on the Wippwalker? Why don’t you set yourself an obstacle course to navigate around the garden? Place cones, chairs or jumpers on the floor in a weaving pattern, and use your new balancing skills to work your way around the course without falling off the Wippwalker!

Use a stopwatch for extra engaging time trials!

children testing their balance as they walk along on the wippwalker

Kids Swinger

Sensory Benefits: Movement, energy release, gross motor skills.

Description: Relax, unwind and swing about in our comfortably practical Kids Swinger. It’s easy to assemble and portable too; hang the swinger from your ceiling or the branch of a sturdy tree, and relax and swing wherever you feel most comfortable.

Perfect for those who would benefit from a more calming activity. Stimulate your vestibular senses and simply hang out.

Play Tip: Hang the swinger in the garden and play a game of eye-spy. I spy trees, birds, grass, flowers and bees – what do you see?

child enjoys a relaxing swing in the kids swinger



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