How To Build A Sensory Den

Sensory Dens are great for a personal and comforting sensory experience, especially if you don’t have to room for your own permanent sensory space. They’re pretty easy to build, so we thought that we’d share a few tips on how you can build your very own Sensory Den!

How to make a perfect Sensory Den!

Step 1: Gather your den building materials

Building a den can be as easy or as complicated as you’d like to make it.

If you’d to make things a little easier you could start by treating yourself to one of our awesome Sensory Tents, simply pop one up and your den will be ready!

But if you’d prefer to be extra creative it’s also pretty easy to make your own, using bits and bobs from around the house. Build the base of your den from big pieces of fabric; bed sheets, duvets and throws all work brilliantly.

Idea: Add a bit of sensory magic by using some textured organza fabric to create a wonderful rainbow den.

young girl plays with rainbow organza fabric
Girl plays with rainbow organza fabric looking to build her own sensory den.

Step 2: Location

Inside: Pop up your tent in any room or find the best location to build one of your own. We recommend places near tall objects like the backs of beds, chairs and sofas, somewhere high enough to drape your fabric. Make sure that you have enough space to move around, and that you’re not in the way of anything important, like doors.

Outside: Have a pop-up tent? Great. Pop it up wherever you think is best. A place with the most sun, the shady spot under the tree, or the spot close to the flowers?

If you’re building your own, a branchy tree or washing pole will make excellent den foundations. Simply drape the fabric over them, and you’ll find your den right underneath!

Top Tip: Make your den extra secure by pinning your fabric to chairs/poles with clothes pegs. It’ll stop your den from collapsing and could inspire you to create some more interesting den designs.

Step 3: Decorate the inside

Now that our den is built, we need to make sure that the inside is nice and cosy. Bring in all your favourite cushions and pillows to add some familiar comfort, and to make the space a bit softer. Carefully scatter them across the floor so you can comfortably sit and lie down.

Step 4: Have Fun!

Now that you’ve made your sensory den, it’s time to have a bit of fun with it.

  • Read: Make the most of your own quiet place by tucking into your favourite book. From Harry Potter to the Hungry Caterpillar, invite them all to hang out in your den.
  • Draw: Turn your den into your very own art studio. Bring in your pens, pencils, paints and paper, and draw away!
  • Relax: Feel like chilling out? Perfect, that’s what this den was made for! Cuddle up with your favourite toys and lie down on the cushions, take the time to relax.
  • Imagine: Are you the leader of your new spy headquarters? Or are you a palaeontologist, hiding out in the garden, waiting to spot some friendly dinosaurs? Or perhaps you’re the princess of your very own palace, royal court filled with all your favourite soft toys. Let your imagination run wild.

young girl enjoys reading a book in her sensory den


Extra Sensory Ideas:

Don’t know which sensory accessories you’ll need to start decorating your den with? Then we have a handy Dark Den Accessories Kit which will have you making the most of your sensory den within no time!

We also have a bunch of other creative sensory den accessory ideas for you below:

Underwater Fun: Turn your den into an underwater submarine, as your project magical waves around it. Are you a mermaid, a spooky octopus or a fabulous fish?

Calming Den: Add a visually stimulating centrepiece to your den with a colourful Hurricane Tube. Watch as the beads magically float to the top of the tube and back down again. Great for calming dens, charming dens, and forget-where-you-are dens.

Disco Den: Create your own sensory disco in your den. Our Light and Projection Kit has all of the sparkling, glowing and starry lights that you’ll need to make an out of this world disco.

underwater lighting creates the illusion of waves in your sensory den or bedroom

Have you built your very own den? Then we’d love to see it! Send a picture of your den to us on social media @RhinoSensoryUK or email a picture of it to – we can’t wait to see all the sensory fun that you’ve been having!


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