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Sensory Huts

We might not all have the space for a dedicated Sensory Room, but that shouldn’t stop us from developing and exploring our senses. Build, stick together or simply pop-up a brand new multi-sensory area in minutes, with our space-saving Sensory Huts collection.

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Our Sensory Huts collection has been specially developed by our sensory experts after they saw a great demand for a portable, space saving, multisensory environments.

Whether they pop-up or Velcro together you’ll be able to build a calming sensory environment in minutes. Our Sensory Dens are great space saving solutions for schools, community centres, homes and care environments.

What you’ll find in our Sensory Huts collection:

  • Rhino Sensory Hut
  • Pop-Up Tents
  • Giant Dark Dens
  • Dark Den Accessories Kit
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Dark Den Accessories Kit

Dark Den Accessories Kit

An exciting array of light and glow-in-the-dark resources that are great for exploring colours and reflections and having dark room fun.

Dark Den Tent

Dark Den Tent

Crawl through the secret tunnel entrance, close the side flaps, and immerse yourself in a magical dark den.

Giant Dark Den Portable Sensory Solutions Size 1.2m x 1.2m, Height: 1.8m

Giant Dark Den

Our Giant Dark Den is perfect for quiet moments and explorative visual discovery. It's wheelchair accessible and ideal for group play!

Laser Sphere

Laser Sphere

An intergalactic mood light that’s perfect for cosmic dreamers or any astronauts in training, offering inspiring and calming visual stimulation.

Pop Up Dark Den

Pop Up Dark Den

Bring your favourite illuminated resources inside, shine them upon the den’s dark opaque walls, inspire your imagination and develop visual tracking skills.

Rhino Sensory Hut

Rhino Sensory hut

Following the great demand for a space-saving sensory solution, we developed The Rhino Sensory Hut - it's soft, safe, sturdy and can be enjoyed wherever suits you best.

White Tent Multi-Sensory Equipment Size H120 x W105 x D105cm

White Tent

Sit inside this pop-up white tent and let it take you into another world and a more relaxed frame of mind.