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Mini Bondina Bells

SKU: G1007

Have hours of stimulating sensory fun ringing our rainbow of Mini Bondina Bells.


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Have hours of stimulating sensory fun ringing our rainbow of Mini Bondina Bells. Develop your tactile skills as you swing the bells with your fingers, listen to the relaxing melodies you create, and enjoy the exciting visual stimulation of the colourful bells spinning around.


  • A Rainbow of Stimulation: The bells’ bright rainbow of colours provides excellent visual stimulation, helping the user focus on the activity. The different colours of the bells also help the user differentiate between the bells’ differing sounds, aiding their mental development.
  • Tactile Fun: To make the bells ring, you need to give them a swing! Use your fingers (or even your toes) to push against the bells to make them chime out. Use different amounts of force to create louder or softer noises whilst discovering the idea of cause and effect.
  • Melodic Symphonies: Discover the joyful sounds of ringing bells. Create your own melodies, sing along to your favourite nursery rhymes, and have fun stimulating your sonic senses.

 What’s Included?

  • Mini Bondina Bells (Five Bells)

 Great For:

  • Tactile Stimulation
  • Cause & Effect
  • Auditory Stimulation
  • Visual Stimulation

 Perfect For:

  • Home Use
  • Schools
  • Nurseries
  • Care Homes

Product Code: G1007

Sizes: 34 x 7 x 12cm

Pack Quantity: 1

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