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Developmental Toys

Did you know that our developmental tools can help you develop your sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, touch, vestibular, proprioceptive, motor, problem-solving, social, language, and coordination skills? Find out more about our Fine Motor Skills, Switches and Rewards and Communication Resources.

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As part of a healthy development model, children of all abilities, including those with special health care needs, can grow up in an environment where their social, emotional, and educational needs are met. The developmental sensory resources offered by Rhino UK are designed to enhance development in all key areas. In addition, some resources have multiple uses, helping to develop several skills and senses.

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Activity Wall Board Developmental Size 114 x 71cm

Activity Wall Board

Visual, tactile and auditory activities encouraging motor movement and coordination.

African Animals - Finger Puppets

African Animals – Finger Puppets

The finger puppets are great for creativity and promoting motor skills.

Amazon Macaw Autism Resources Size H40cm excluding the tail.

Amazon Macaw

Our colourful Amazon Macaw puppet is perfect for imaginative sensory play and developing social skills.

Atom Ball

Atom Ball

Each arm of this Atom Ball features vibrantly coloured plastic clacking rings that rattle with every shake.


Baby Blue & Gold Macaw Puppet

Our Baby Blue & Gold Macaw Puppet is great for developing communication skills, exploring imagination skills and having lots of fun!

Barnyard Friends Build & Spin

Barnyard Friends Build & Spin

Slot the bright animal gears into place, spin them around, and create visually stimulating moving works of art.

Basic Skills Board Autism Resources Size 38.1 x 29.2 x 1.3cm

Basic Skills Board

A little bear to dress. Teaching you all the techniques required to get dressed.

Bead Filled Squidgy Shapes

Bead Filled Squidgy Shapes

Pack of four squidgy sensory shapes filled with bumpy tactile beads in bright primary colours that are excellent for squeezing, squashing and fidgeting!

Big Red Switch Developmental Size Activation Surface: 12.7cm

Big Red Switch

This switch is designed to stand up to years of use with an audible clicks signal that a cause effect link has been made.

Black & White Nursery PlayMat Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 105 x 100cm

Black & White Nursery Playmat

Our comfy black mat has contrasting white shapes that create a stimulating visual effect (and glow in UV light).

Black & White Spinning Wheel Developmental

Black & White Spinning Wheel

Use your hands to spin the wheel and watch as distinctive black and white disks dance around, creating a mesmerising and distracting visual stimulation.

Bondina Bells Developmental Size 58 x 13 x 14cm

Bondina Bells

Have hours of stimulating sensory fun creating rainbows of melodies with our Bondina Bells.



Children will not be able to resist the wonderful authentic sound of the Bongos!

Bowling Friends

Bowling Friends

Our Bowling Friends set is a fun, bright and tactile developmental, sensory toy for younger children.

Brick Me

Brick Me

Brick Me bricks are large, lightweight, colourful and perfect for smaller hands to stack and build with.

Brick Stand Developmental Size L108.5 x W20 x H80cm

Brick Stand

A brick stand to keep the bricks upright, great for helping build the wall without it falling down.

Cat Puppet Developmental Size 33 x 18 x 12cm

Cat Puppet

Inspire imaginations with our cute and cuddly Cat Puppet.

Clatterpillar Developmental Size 26 x 8 x 25cm


This unique stripy rattler produces fascinating click-clack sounds that children will love to create! Building tactile and motor skills & exploring their audio senses.