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Christmas Gift Guide

Find sensory stocking fillers, festive fidgets and showstopping sensory treats!

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Find sensory stocking fillers, festive fidgets and showstopping sensory treats!

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Belizze Hanging Chair

Belizze Hanging Chair

Belizze brings a great option for a cost effective hanging chair or swinging chair.

Black & White Spinning Wheel Developmental

Black & White Spinning Wheel

Use your hands to spin the wheel and watch as distinctive black and white disks dance around, creating a mesmerising and distracting visual stimulation.

Bondina Bells Developmental Size 58 x 13 x 14cm

Bondina Bells

Have hours of stimulating sensory fun creating rainbows of melodies with our Bondina Bells.

Bowling Friends

Bowling Friends

Our Bowling Friends set is a fun, bright and tactile developmental, sensory toy for younger children.

Colour Changing Aroma Diffuser Sensory Calming Size 14 x 12cm

Colour Changing Aroma Diffuser

Part diffuser, part mood lamp, part speaker – create an instantly relaxing multisensory environment filled with soft light, music and smells with our Colour Changing Aroma Diffuser.


Convex Bubble Mirror

Our colour Convex Bubble Mirror is a highly popular sensory resource for visual exploration in sensory rooms and soft play environments.

Cuddle Ball

Cuddle Ball

Instead of wrapping your mind up in your problems, why don't you wrap your arms in and around this comforting and cosy Cuddle Ball? Feel your stress and anxiety disappear, and find yourself falling into warm relaxation.

Deluxe Bubble Wall

Deluxe Bubble Wall

Our Deluxe Bubble Wall captivates attentions with its bright colours and ever-changing visuals for a calming and relaxing sensory experience.

Doorbell House

Doorbell House

Ding Dong! Fun is at the door of our wooden Doorbell House. Develop fine motor, imagination, cause and effect and cognitive skills as you play.

Easy Hold Glitter Panel Set

Easy Hold Glitter Panel Set

Explore, stimulate and develop visual skills with our tactile Glitter Panel Set. Shake them, stack them and have lots of glittering sensory fun.

Boy olling along on the Floor Surfer

Floor Surfer

The Floor Surfer combines play, movement, balance and the development of motor skills.

Gelli Baff Messy Play Tub Autism Resources

Gelli Baff Messy Play Tub

Gelli Baff is a totally unique, completely safe powder that turns ordinary water into glorious, colourful goo!



For wheely fun outdoor activities. Get kids moving whilst they develop their co-ordination, balance and muscle strength.


Ice Starlight

Striking blue light passes through the nylon fronds to create a galaxy of tiny stars that will lazily drift with a slight breeze.

Laser Sphere

Laser Sphere

An intergalactic mood light that’s perfect for cosmic dreamers or any astronauts in training, offering inspiring and calming visual stimulation.

Laser Stars Projector

Laser Stars

Transform ceilings and walls into bright galaxies filled with stimulatingly relaxing glowing stars with our Laser Stars projector.


Latches Board

Build fine and gross motor skills, solve puzzles, and learn colours, numbers, animals and more.

Light Up Tambourine Developmental Size W22 x H13.5cml

Light Up Tambourine

This fabulous tambourine provides lots of input for the senses with touch, colourful lights and music.