Fluorescent Mirror Chimeabout

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Spin to hear the bells on the reflective perspex strips jingle as they move. This fantastic visual and audio toy encourages interaction and motor skills.


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Our Fluorescent Mirror Chimeabout is a fantastic sensory toy for those with autism and ADHD. It’s made of hand-cut mirror perspex that is faced with coloured fluorescent perspex, which magically glows under UV light. It is mounted onto a wooden carousel that delivers a fantastic visual and auditory reward for a very small effort (a simple push of a finger).

Fluorescent Mirror Chimeabout Features:

  • Listen to the ringing bells that chime as the carousel spins.
  • Look at your reflection in the spinning mirrors or at the bright colours of the fluorescent strips.
  • Spin the chimeabout and learn more about cause and effect.
  • Use under UV light for a magical glowing experience.

Approx size: L23cm.

Product Code: T1001

Sizes: H24cm x 20cm dia

Pack Quantity: 1


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