Video Case Study

Blossom View is a popular respite home in Sheffield for adults with physical, mental, and sensory disabilities. Offering visitors a space to relax, recuperate and feel more like themselves. After acquiring a large office space, our design and installation team were contacted by Blossom View to help them transform the space into a specialist sensory day centre.

Sensory Design Objective

Senseabilities Day Centre needed to be flexible, exciting, suitable for collaborative use, and effectively support users’ physical and mental wellbeing.

Our Design

Making the most of the large space, our design team decided to split the room into two separate areas, separated by a large blackout curtain; the areas could be used together or separately for full flexibility.

Senseabilities Day Centre Room Design

Area One: Multi-Sensory Space

We designed a classic immersive sensory space that could be used actively or passively by the centre’s diverse client base to stimulate, relax, and boost their wellbeing.

Eyes are dazzled and distracted by the beacons of bubbling sensory light coming from the dual Hurricane Columns; fidgeting fingers are treated to the Tactile Wall Panels; bodies relaxed, and dreams inspired after a calming session with the Musical Waterbed; whilst inquisitive noses explore different smells with the Aroma Panel.


Area Two: Activity Space

The second area was designed as an open-plan activity space, where users could actively explore and celebrate their senses together.

Two colourful hoist accessible ball pools provide hours of full-body proprioceptive stimulation; interactive floor projection offer users exciting games and activities at the soles of their feet (or at the wheels of their chair); whilst bright, colourful disco lights transform the area into a dancefloor fit for a stunning sensory disco.

To complement the activity area’s energy, we also created a collection of bespoke soft padded bench seats to surround structural pillars in the room, offering users a comfy place to stimulate their senses, chat and relax.