Sensory Rooms & Safe Spaces

The Yorkhill Children’s Hospital relocated to a new site in a fabulous purpose building.  The new hospital encompassed the latest technology and architectural designs for high quality treatment and patient experience.

Rhino UK worked closely with the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity, Hospital Play Specialists and Paediatric Occupational Therapists to create unique specialist sensory spaces within the wards and departments.  Rhino UK used their expertise and specialist knowledge to design sensory rooms which could be used for a wide range of uses within the wards to relax, stimulate and rehabilitate patients of all ages and abilities.  All designs need to comply with their strict infection control policies for rooms which were easy to clean and easy to maintain.

The Sensory Room on Chloe McIntyre Ward included a hoist-accessible raised padding area, Hurricane Tube, Interactive Sensory Panels, OmiVista Interactive Floor & Wall Projection, LED Wall wash and much more for a fabulous multi-sensory experience accessible for all patients.

Rhino UK also created a number of spaces on the Caledonia Ward including a bright and colourful safe chill out room, an immersive sensory room, and a timeout room.  The immersive light sensory room included our innovative computer controlled software to integrate sensory and projection into pre-set themes for the user to be immersed in and control themselves.

Rhino UK also delivered 10 x Sensory Voyagers and 2 x OmiVista Mobile Units which were used over the number of wards and outpatient departments to bring the sensory experience and benefits to all visiting children.

Rhino UK installed the sensory rooms alongside the main contractors liaising with the main build works to ensure all rooms were completed for the opening of the new Hospital. Rhino UK completed the installation complete with full familiarisation training to ensure the rooms could be used to their full potential.