In 2010 Rhino UK were invited to visit Maplefields Special School to see how they were using their current Multi-Sensory and Soft Play facilities.

Maplefields were looking to open a new school facility that would include another soft play area as well as an immersive interactive, multisensory environment to expand their therapeutic facilities and make learning more inclusive.

Taking into account the wide range of needs that the Sensory Room needed to cater for, Rhino UK created the immersive interactive studio using a range of projection and light effects that would allow users to create and explore an environment that they’ve made for themselves. From a central control panel, the room can instantly transform into an exciting themed environment where users can activate sounds, images, and lights through various interactive switches; from the deep blue ocean surrounded by tropical fish, a romp through a tropical rainforest or trip aboard a rocket launching into space, the possibilities are endless.

Rhino UK also installed a bright, colourful Soft Play Room filled with fun and adventure and allows for some important learning opportunities as students can build their vestibular, proprioceptive and motor skills.

After completing the two rooms, Rhino UK provided Maplefields with full product training so that all the staff could maximise the rooms’ therapeutic, developmental and wellbeing potential.