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Rhino UK were invited in 2010 to visit the school to see how they were using their current Multi-Sensory and Soft Play facilities within their school.

A new school was due to open in 2012 and they invited Rhino UK to design and install a Soft Play Room and an Immersive Computer controlled multi sensory environment in the New School which expanded on their previous sensory and therapy facilities but incorporated the same concepts and widened the uses of the rooms.

Taking into account the wide range of needs that the Sensory Room needed to cater for, Rhino UK provided a room for Multi Sensory Stimulation using a surround projection system with effect generating equipment, enabling any user to control their own environment. The room can be transformed into a wide range of themes allowing the users to activate the sounds, images, and lights by various interactive switches. The Sensory Studio allows the children to be submerged in the ocean surrounded by tropical fish, romp through a tropical rainforest or climb aboard the rocket launching into space.

Rhino UK also installed a bright, colourful Soft Play Room that was fun but with educational value allowing children to run and jump off their energy whilst giving an opportunity to learn without thinking too!

After completion of the two rooms Rhino UK provided the School with full product training so that all the staff could use the Sensory Room to its fullest ability and maximize the uses of the room.