UV Fibre Optic Waterfall

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Our UV Fibre Optic Waterfall sends a cascade of shimmering fibre optics to surround you in a warm, soft, calming light.

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Our UV Fibre Optic Waterfall is a perfect resource to stimulate, settle and calm users in sensory environments. Sitting underneath the sparkling shower of colourful fibres, you can sit back and passively watch the colours change and glow, or you can reach out and actively explore the colours up close.

Fibre optics are a sensory room essential for good reason – they’re safe to touch, letting you actively explore your tactile senses. The spaghetti-like strands passively glow through a rainbow of sensory colours creating a dreamy visual effect, and they’re long enough to drape over your body for intimate and personal sensory sessions.

UV Fibre Optic Waterfall Inspiration

  • Hang over your bed and let the fibre optics surround you, creating a secret sensory den.
  • Create a stimulating quiet place to escape to in the corner of sensory rooms.
  • Place a beanbag underneath and create a cosy spot to explore your visual and tactile senses.

We’d recommend this product for use in Dark Rooms, Multi-Sensory Rooms and Sensory Bedrooms.

Fibre optic strands are approximately 2m long. Offers scope for tremendous tactile, communication, motor development and planning experiences.

Benefits of Fibre Optics

  • Safe to touch
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Robust strands
  • Encourages an increased attention span
  • Glowing visual stimulation

This product includes a Sparkle Light Source.

Product Code: T2123-UV

Sizes: 200 x 2m Fibre Optic Tails

Pack Quantity: 1


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