Ramp & Scooter Set

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The Ramp & Scooter set can also be used for proprieception activity as well as refining motor co-ordination skills.


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Our Ramp & Scooter set make sensory therapy fun and engaging. It can be used in therapy and sensory integration sessions to increase the arousal levels of children. It has been designed to stimulate your child and make their sensory sessions enjoyable.

The set compromises of two varieties of ramps; one of the ramps is angled whereas the other is slightly convexed. The scooter has a flat padded surface that makes it easier for your child to lie in a prone position and a handle at the front. Our Ramp & Scooter set can also be used for proprioception activity, as well as refining motor coordination skills.

H600 x W615mm Total length 3700mm

Product Code: S4015

Sizes: H60 x W61.5cm Total length 370cm

Pack Quantity: 1


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