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Gross Motor & Balance

Become more acquainted with your body, and the way it moves, with our interactive Gross Motor & Balance collection. Learn tactically through touch, movement and manipulation, as your build your muscle strength, co-ordination, movement and balance (whilst also having a lot of fun!).

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Rhino UK provide a variety of equipment to develop gross motor and balance skills. This is important to improve low muscle tone, strength, co-ordination, movement and concentration.

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Activity Ring Set Activity Trails Size Dia 164mm

Activity Ring Set

Set of brightly coloured activity rings for countless motor activities.

Balance Set Gross Motor & Balance

Balance Set

Balanco is suitable for play, sports training and goal-directed rehabilitation. Balanco stimulates psycho and senso motor functions.

Balancing Board Gross Motor & Balance Size H18 x Dia 76cm

Balancing Board

For rocking side to side, spinning around and balancing. Children can stand or sit on the board.

Balancing Board – Rocky Set Gross Motor & Balance Size Rocker: L42 x W28.5 x H17cm.  Path: L190 x W24 x H9cm

Balancing Board – Rocky Set

This course comprises of a set of seven pieces to create a
challenging and stimulating sensory trail.

Basketball Stand

Basketball Stand

Free standing low basketball net for disability-inclusive activities and smaller children.

Body Sox Massage & Vibration Size 117cm x 67.5cm

Body Sox

Body Sox promotes body awareness, creative movement and provides the opportunity for a significant amount of stretchy sensory fun!

Body Wheel Large Gross Motor & Balance Size Dia 59 x W29cm

Body Wheel Large

The Body Wheel is an exciting physical activity designed to challenge children of all ages. Set the wheel in motion to start developing your agility, strength and balance.

Brick Stand Developmental Size L108.5 x W20 x H80cm

Brick Stand

A brick stand to keep the bricks upright, great for helping build the wall without it falling down.

Clear Tunnel 2.7m Gross Motor & Balance Size Dia 55cm, L 2.7m

Clear Tunnel 2.7m

This heavy-duty transparent tunnel will provide endless fun as children can wriggle through it, crawl through it or watch their friends inside.

Climbing Rocker Gross Motor & Balance Size L117.3 x W56.5 x H53cm

Climbing Rocker

Used for childrens activities, the
climbing rocker caters for untold fun
and enjoyment.

Climbing Sensory Wall Gross Motor & Balance Size H240 x W120 x D60cm

Climbing Sensory Wall

This tall wooden Climbing Wall allows children to traverse the wall to train balance, spacial
orientation and motor skills.

Climbing Wall Mountain Landscape Gross Motor & Balance Size W91 x H181cm

Climbing Wall Mountain Landscape

Anyone who dreams of climbing will want to climb a big mountain.

Floor Surfer Gross Motor & Balance

Floor Surfer

The Floor Surfer combines play, movement, balance and the development of motor skills.

Giant Air Board Activity Trails Size Dia 58 x H17cm

Giant Air Board

The Giant Air Balancing Board is a unique balancing boards that is ideal for strengthening muscles in the ankles, legs and upper body.

Go-Go Gross Motor & Balance


For wheely fun outdoor activities. Get kids moving whilst they develop their co-ordination, balance and muscle strength.

Go-Go Balance Fun Gross Motor & Balance Size Each piece: L78 x W42.5 x H13cm

Go-Go Balance Fun

The different surfaces of Go-Go Balance Fun provide various textures for multiple activities.

Go Wheelie

Go Wheelie

A great way of developing physical control, encouraging children to follow directions, and developing coordination and muscle control.

Hill Tops Gross Motor & Balance Size Set of 5 tops in three heights:
H8.5 x W36 x D36cm
H17 x W40.5 x D40.5cm
H25.5 x W42 x D42cm

Hill Tops

Five 'Hilltops' in different heights which will inspire children to jump from top to top. Hilltops develop children's ability to estimate distances and heights.