Porcupine Balls 10cm

SKU: G1312


Our soft spikey porcupine balls create a wonderfully stimulating tactile effect when they are rolled over the body.


3-5 days

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Our Porcupine Balls are great for a variety of different sensory activities. Whether that’s developing hand-eye coordination skills in a simple game of catch, therapeutically using the soft spikes to massage parts of the body, or inquisitively exploring the ball’s textures with your hands.

We’d recommend the Porcupine Balls for use in therapeutic and sensory therapy sessions.

Porcupine Balls Sensory Skills:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Proprioceptive stimulation
  • Tactile touch
  • Fine motor skills
  • Communication and group play

Comes as a set of four 10cm balls (red, blue, green & yellow).

Product Code: G1312

Sizes: Dia 10cm

Pack Quantity: 4


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