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Therapy Balls

Whether you’re bouncing, squeezing or balancing – our collection of Therapy Balls are perfect for focusing classroom fidgeting, comforting during anxious periods and developing key skills in occupational therapy sessions. With a wide range of colours, shapes, sizes and different levels of bounciness, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect sensory ball for your needs!

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The definition of a ball, is a round object used in many games. But we generally associate balls with round, rolling, bouncing playtime fun! Here at Rhino, alongside the fun bouncing balls, we also have a wide collection of high quality Sensory Therapy Balls, perfect for building balance skills, reaction times, coordination and stimulating senses.

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Activity Ball Sensory Integration & Movement Size 50cm

Activity Ball

A therapy ball with added fun! As the balls inside move around they create a deep sound adding greater rewards for movement.

Blue Physio Gym Ball 95cm Sensory Integration & Movement Size 95cm

Blue Physio Gym Ball 95cm

Soft PVC multi-purpose balls for therapy, play, co-ordination and balance.

Blue Physio Roll 70cm

Blue Physio Roll 70cm

These wide saddle shapes are easy to sit on or roll over because they only move forward or backward.

Bog Eyed Bugglies – Pack of 2 Autism Resources Size 26cm

Bog Eyed Bugglies – Pack of 2

These bog eyed bugglies are stretchy, squashy worm-like creatures with immense appeal.

Colour Name Beanbags Sensory At Home Size 10cm

Colour Name Beanbags

Beanbags with written colour names. Set of 8.

Cuddle Ball Sensory Integration & Movement Size Approx 25cm

Cuddle Ball

Instead of wrapping your mind up in your problems, why don't you wrap your arms in and around this comforting and cosy Cuddle Ball? Feel your stress and anxiety disappear, and find yourself falling into warm relaxation.

Disco Glide Ball – Pack of 2 Sensory Toys Size 4.5cm

Disco Glide Ball – Pack of 2

A small black ball that glides smoothly over flat surfaces. A sharp tap triggers
pulsating coloured lights.

Easy Grip Balls Set Sensory Integration & Movement Size Dia 25cm

Easy Grip Balls Set

A set of rightly coloured inflatable balls with a honeycomb effect surface which aids grip when catching and throwing.


Electromites – Pack of 2

A squeezable ball with a big smiley face and lots of wobbly, rubbery tentacles and flashing lights.

Flashing Caterpillars – Pack of 2 Autism Resources Size 17cm

Flashing Caterpillars – Pack of 2

A flashing puffer caterpillar toy.

Flashing Spikey Air Ball Pack Sensory Toys Size 8cm

Flashing Spikey Air Ball Pack

Pack of 3 small rubber air balls with gentle soft spikes and a flashing module inside. Bounce to watch the ball light up.

Furb - Large Puffer Ball

Furb – Large Puffer Ball

A super-sized, squashy ball filled with air and lots of fidgety tactile and visual stimulation!

Incredi-Ball Developmental Size 18cm


Watch as your hand-prints appear
in magical colours where you've
touched the Incredi-Ball.

Jumbo Shimmery Squishball

Jumbo Shimmery Squishball

A large squidgy ball with sparkly confetti inside. This colourful ball is filled with thick liquid, giving it a fantastic tactile sensation that's quite unlike anything else.

Large Texture Balls Sensory Toys Size Dia 10cm

Large Texture Balls

These balls are great to be used in open play or within a sensory room or environment.

Light Bell Ball Sensory Toys Size Dia 20.3cm

Light Bell Ball

The Light Bell Ball can be used for sensory play for visually impaired people alongside those visually abled (with the included blindfolds).  The ball itself is made from strong foam, and its centre is filled with musical bells.

Molecule Stress Ball – Pack of 3 Autism Resources Size 6cm

Molecule Stress Ball – Pack of 3

Squishy Stress Ball with mini balls inside for excellent tactile and audio feedback when squeezed. They come in a set of three.

Multi Sensory Ball Pack Sensory Toys Size Largest Ball 7.5cm dia, Smallest Ball 5cm dia

Multi Sensory Ball Pack

A selection of 20 balls with different textures, colours, density and bounce properties.