Deluxe Infinity Tunnel

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Prepare to be mesmerised by the infinite visual effects of our Deluxe Infinity Tunnel!


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Prepare to be mesmerised and stimulated by the infinite visual effects our Deluxe Infinity Tunnel can bring.

The panel has four buttons that users can use to control the patterns, colours, speed, brightness and volume – perfect for interactive sensory sessions. Or, for a more calming session, users can sit back and relax as the tunnel passively cycles through a rainbow of relaxing colours.

Uses in Teaching

  • Cause & Effect: Using the play/pause button allows students to stop the tunnels pattern on a particular colour, which is a practical and hands-on way to teach cause and effect, colour recognition and visual tracking.
  • Group Play: The infinity tunnel can be used individually, in pairs or groups, helping students become familiar with taking turns and fostering social skills.
  • Tracking: The direction button allows the user to select clockwise or anticlockwise patterns, which can be really useful for teaching L-R tracking, the precursor to reading.
  • Sound Effects: Each pattern comes with its own sound effect for visual and auditory sensory stimulation.

Product Code: C3007

Sizes: H90 x W55 x D10cm

Pack Quantity: 1


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