Infinity Tunnel

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The Infinity Tunnel is an interactive, sound-sensitive wall panel that creates the optical illusion of infinite depth.


7-10 days

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Our sensory Infinity Tunnel is a popular sound-sensitive illusion that gives an impression of infinite depth, creating a stimulating sensory experience. The Infinity Tunnel has two different modes for interactive or calming sensory play.

  • Interactive Mode: Different sounds make different colours and patterns, so experiment with your voice, learn more about cause-and-effect, and create a stunning visual light show.
  • Calm Mode: Sit back, relax and passively enjoy the automatic light show.

This Infinity Tunnel comes complete with an internal and an external handheld microphone that you can plug in and play with. Use your voice to interact with the panel’s colours and lights, building confidence in your voice and learning more about cause and effect.

Infinity Tunnel Benefits:

  • Build confidence and communication skills as you interact with the panel. Talk, sing or shout and watch as the tunnel illuminates in ever-changing sensory light.
  • Treat your visual and cognitive senses to a unique optical illusion of endless light.
  • Explore your tactile senses by touching the screen, and watch as the light in the tunnel bends and warps, creating an interesting visual effect.

The infinity tunnel is easy to clean and can be simply installed on walls in sensory rooms. Get in touch for more information.

Size: 72 x 60 x 11 cm.

Product Code: T2054

Sizes: 72 x 61 x 11cm

Pack Quantity: 1


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