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Visual Impairment

Nurture and develop your communication, social interaction, play and learning skills with our inspiring Visual Impairment collection, filled with highly contrasting elements, tactile treats, and fascinating interactive sensory gadgets.

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Our Visual Impairment collection is designed to support people who are blind or have a visual impairment. With contrasting colours, bright lights and tactile elements, users are encouraged to confidently explore their senses, learn more about themselves and the wider world around them.

Specially selected by our sensory experts, our visual impairment collection is perfect for individuals, schools, occupational therapists, play specialists and charities.

What you’ll find in our Visual Impairment collection:

  • Glow in the Dark: Brighten up dark spaces with our exciting range of glow in the dark resources; they’re a lot of fun and are great for building visual tracking skills.
  • Mood Lighting: Bright, shining, twinkling and glowing and designed to catch the eye. Mood lighting is great for expressing emotions and developing visual skills.
  • Multi-sensory Adventure: If we can’t rely on our sense of sight, we’ve got four other senses to help us learn more about the world! You’ll find tactile, audio and vestibular resources in this collection too!

If you need any product recommendations, sensory advice, or general inquiries about our Visual Impairment collection, then get in touch with a member of our sensory team; they’ll be more than happy to help.

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Bubble Table Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 80cm

Bubble Table

For a different perspective of bubbles.  A horizontal version of a bubble wall.  Glass covered table of bubbles.


Budget Bubble Column

Our budget columns are perfect for smaller spaces and tighter budgets whilst still making a big sensory impact!

Ceiling Swing Power Hook Sensory Integration & Movement Size 78cm Load Capacity 200kg

Ceiling Swing Power Hook

A Power Hook ensures the cords to not chafe and allows free turning of a hanging chair in any direction.

Colour Changing Egg – Set of 4 Sensory Toys Size 9.5cm

Colour Changing Egg – Set of 4

For bedrooms, dark rooms, or everyday visual distractions, our glowing Colour Changing Eggs provide egg-celent sensory stimulation.

Coloured Mirrors Therapeutic Resources & Sensory Toys Size 14 x 10 x 0.1cm

Coloured Mirrors

Super safe double sided rounded cornered mirrors in assorted colours.


Convex Bubble Mirror

Our colour Convex Bubble Mirror is a highly popular sensory resource for visual exploration in sensory rooms and soft play environments.

Crawl & Learn Bright Light Ball Developmental

Crawl & Learn Bright Light Ball

This interactive ball rolls on its own to encourage crawling but stops within reach including light-up buttons and music.

Dark Den Accessories Kit Multi-Sensory Equipment

Dark Den Accessories Kit

An exciting array of light resources enabling the chance to explore colours, reflection and dark room fun.

Deluxe Bubble Wall

Deluxe Bubble Wall

Our Deluxe Bubble Wall captivates attentions with its bright colours and ever-changing visuals for a calming and relaxing sensory experience.

Deluxe Hurricane Wall

Deluxe Hurricane Wall

Our colourfully calming Deluxe Hurricane Wall is a snowy sensory delight; with distracting visuals and calming white noise sounds, it's a great addition to any calming sensory environment.

Deluxe Infinity Tunnel

Deluxe Infinity Tunnel

Prepare to be mesmerised and stimulated by the infinite visual effects our Deluxe Infinity Tunnel can bring.

Deluxe Sound & Light Panel

Deluxe Sound & Light Panel

Our Deluxe Sound & Light Panel is a wonderfully engaging, visually stimulating, and interactive sensory panel that can be easily added to any room.

Diffraction Roller Shaker Developmental

Diffraction Roller Shaker

Roll or shake the Diffraction tool to experience marvellous reflected light, and interesting sounds.

Diffraction Roly Poly Upright Developmental

Diffraction Roly Poly Upright

Six sided Diffraction Roly Poly on a stand. Very reflective and contains balls and marbles for sound.

Disco Glide Ball – Pack of 2 Sensory Toys Size 4.5cm

Disco Glide Ball – Pack of 2

A small black ball that glides smoothly over flat surfaces. A sharp tap triggers
pulsating coloured lights.

Disco Stick Sensory Toys Size 24.5 x 5cm

Disco Stick

A handheld disco light show of colourful light.

Double-Feature Mirror Developmental Size 35.6 x 0.5 x 25.4cm

Double-Feature Mirror

A dual function mirror which will really stimulate the sight.

Double Mirror mat Developmental Size Dia 120cm

Double Mirror Mat

Hang it on the wall or put it on the floor, this padded mirror is sure to fascinate.