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Vestibular & Swings

The Vestibular System is more important than you might first think. It provides a sensory foundation for the development of all our other senses; helping us balance, build our motor skills and develop our self-confidence. Encourage movement, and explore our range of Swings and resources that have been specially designed to stimulate the Vestibular System.

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Rhino UK's range of swings and resources are designed and selected to stimulate the vestibular system and encourage movement. The vestibular system is the sensory system that provides the sense of spatial awareness, orientation and the sense of balance.

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Teeter Popper Sensory Integration & Movement Size L71.1 x W29.2 x D17.8cm

Teeter Popper

Rock, roll, sit, stand, and get moving with the uniquely fun Teeter Popper; stimulate your vestibular, proprioceptive, gross motor, tactile and audio senses and have lots of active fun!

Top Sensory Integration & Movement Size H44 x D80cm


Top for 1 or 2 children. Rock from side to side, spin it, build a den or float in it.

Tower of Tubes

Tower of Tubes

An inflatable tunnel that's great for rolling and encouraging motor skills and vestibular systems.


Trapeze Bar

Our Trapeze Bar is foam lined to
make it comfortable for the user when

Whizzy Dizzy

Whizzy Dizzy

The Whizzy Dizzy is a fun developmental resource that challenges users gross motor skills and develops their understanding of cause and effect.