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Soft Seating

For chill out areas, cosy corners and social sensory spaces, our collection of comfy soft seating is perfect for relaxing and inspiring imaginations. Mix and match a variety of colourful cushions and seating types to decorate a space that suits your sensory needs.

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Rhino UK offer a variety of soft seating which is perfect to be put into a sensory space. Soft seats helps users feel comfortable and relaxed whist they enjoy the stimulating sensory environment around them.

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Resonance Long Easy Beanbags & Large Cushions Size L165 x W76cm

Resonance Long Easy

A resonance long bean bag which can be plugged into a stereo system to resonate musical vibrations through the cushion for tactile feedback.

Resonance Relaxer Massage & Vibration Size 74 x 119 x 64cm

Resonance Relaxer

A simple relaxing seat that resonates with sound!

Resonance Rocker Massage & Vibration Size 86 x 145 x 81cm

Resonance Rocker

This vinyl-covered firm foam shape cradles the body securely and rocks gently. Compatible with sound systems for a therapeutic resonance experience.

Rocker Seat Furniture Size W720 x D430 x H840

Rocker Seat

A smaller, budget-friendly version of our popular Therapy Rocker that’s as effective in providing therapeutic proprioceptive and vestibular stimulation.

Snuggle Seating Seating & Positioning Size 36 x 66 x 60cm

Snuggle Seating

The Snuggle Seats are supplied as a set of five, in a selection of

Therapy Chair

Therapy Rocker Chair

Our colourful vinyl-covered foam Therapy Chairs are the perfect seating alternative for users seeking proprioceptive, vestibular, or motion-based stimulation.