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Community Areas

Add an anxiety-busting sensory sparkle to worrisome waiting spaces, with our fantastic Community Areas collection. Explore our inclusive range of interactive tactile toys and soft sensory resources, aimed to distract, stimulate, and entertain worried minds.

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Community areas and waiting rooms can be dull, sometimes even intimidating. But not with our products!

Our excellent range of sensory toys and resources will bring your waiting areas to life. Turning drab, sterile environments into ones in which people (and kids especially) will hate to leave.

We’re infection-savvy, which is why our range is easy to sanitize. And our robust, fixed wall panels contain no loose parts, meaning tactile elements won't go walkabout.

From colourful soft play houses, sensory garden panels, musical instruments and clever sensory toys; our products are perfect for a wide range of environments including: hospitals, hospices, children’s centres and care homes.

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Flash Bead Frame Clearance Size 31.5 x 16 x 34cm

Flash Bead Frame

A bead frame with 3 wire tracks and shaped beads for tracking skills.

Flower Rainwheel Multi-Sensory Equipment Size L48 x W48 cm

Flower Rainwheel

As soon as the wheel turns, the
little balls start to move.

Flower Table

Flower Table

Sit between the petals, collaborate on projects, play games, and socialise with our height-adjustable Flower Table.

Fluorescent Parachute

Fluorescent Parachute

Our Fluorescent Parachute is made for exciting, social and developmental fun! Under UV light it'll magically glow in stimulating sensory colour.

Radiator Pad

Front Radiator Pad Cover

Our semi-rigid Radiator Pads prevent bumps and burns without affecting the radiator’s efficiency.

Garden Bag Community Areas Size 7 piece. Tools 21cm long

Garden Bag

7 piece set. Including a rake, fork, scoop, trowel, shovel, round scoop and a watering can.

Giant Single Dome Sensory Toys Size 78cm

Giant Single Dome

Large strong and scratch resistant convex mirror, ideal for the inquisative.

Globo Chair

Globo Chair

The hanging Globo Chair is a relaxing swinging garden seat. With a big soft cushion and a modern wooden stand, and it’ll quickly become your favourite place to sit and relax.

Grass Sofa Community Areas Size L209cm, H85cm,37cm seat heightWeight: 90kg

Grass Sofa

A grass sofa for outdoor use. How cool is that?

Gravity Wonder Wall Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 100 x 90 x 18cm

Gravity Wonder Wall

Tactile Wall with moving objects, tactile and visual activities to occupy fidgeting fingers.


Hourglass Sand Tray

Our height-adjustable sand tray is designed to allow wheelchair access for inclusive sand play and therapy.

Illusion Wheels – Air Community Areas Size Dia 39.6cm

Illusion Wheels – Air

Air illusion wheel - spin and see the bird appear.


Illusion Wheels – Water

Water illusion wheel - spin and see the fish appear.

Individual Chair

Individual Chair

The Individual Chair is part of our Modular Furniture Collection - where you can build your own mix-and-match style, cosy, relaxing, sensory seating area.

Kinetic Wonder Wall Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 100 x 90cm

Kinetic Wonder Wall

The Kinetic Wall has moving
parts, discs to spin, bells to
ring and a completely new
type of puzzle.

Labyrinth Activity Wall Panel Community Areas Size 40 x 40 x 1.8cm

Labyrinth Activity Wall Panel

A wall mounted labyrinth activity panel.

Labyrinth Flower

Labyrinth Flower

Can you move the marbles through this flower-shaped maze? Put your motor and cognition skills to the test by spinning the wheel to help the marbles through the labyrinth.

Large 16 Domed Surface Sensory Toys Size 49cm

Large 16 Domed Surface

Large strong and scratch resistant multiple mini convex mirror, ideal for the inquisative.