Sensory On The Move

Sensory On The Move

People with Sensory Processing Disorders can find it difficult to cope with everyday goings-on within their lives. Travelling to new places and unfamiliar environments can prove to be very stressful and uncomfortable experiences. Because of this, we’ve gathered our team of sensory experts to put together a collection of calming sensory products to help make sensory processing disorders easier to manage on a day to day basis.

Accessibility is the main focus of our sensory collection so that users can access the stimulation they need wherever and whenever they want, and our Sensory Kits fit this brief perfectly.

Lightweight, compact, and easy to carry, our Sensory Kits are the perfect solution for those on the go. We’ve put together a wide variety of kits to suit a wide range of needs and abilities.

Our Top 5 Sensory Kits

Fidget Sensory Kit

Our Fidget Sensory Kit is perfect for keeping fidgeting fingers happy and distracted minds focused, helping to boost concentration in learning environments.

Includes: Stretchy caterpillar, Squidgy Sparkle Shapes, Stretchy Alien, Tangle Therapy, Sensory Touch Ball, Spider Ball, Squishy Mesh Ball, Bog Eyed Bugglies, Liquid Timer, Eye Ball, Magnetic Animals, Vibrating Fish, and a Funky Disco Duck. (Contents may vary).

Fidget Sensory Kit

Calming Sensory Kit

Our Sensory Calming Kit has been put together for those with Autism or Anxiety. The kit is full of calming sensory resources that encourage relaxation and de-escalation, including sensory fidgets, a weighted blanket, and relaxing scents.

Calming Sensory Kit

Distraction Kit

Handpicked by our team of Sensory Experts, the Distraction Kit is filled with a variety of distracting sensory resources that will provide hours of stimulating fun.

Distraction Sensory Kit

Pop Up Sensory Set

Packed full of sensory delight, our Pop-up Sensory Kit contains everything you could possibly need to create an immersive multisensory environment in seconds.

From Tabletop Hurricane Tubes to twinkly Fibre Optic Lights, and dreamy Aura Projectors, this set has been put together by our Sensory Specialists, so that you can create an inclusive stimulating environment that works for you.

Lightweight, portable and easily packed away, have sensory fun wherever you go. We’d recommend this kit for use in schools, care homes and in your own homes.

Pop Up Sensory Set

Rhino Sensory Hut

Following the great demand for a space-saving sensory solution, we developed The Rhino Sensory Hut – it’s soft, safe, sturdy and can be enjoyed wherever suits you best.

Five sections of soft play Velcro together to create a personal sensory space for anyone who needs time to unwind or explore their senses.  When you’re finished, simply deconstruct the den and store it away until it’s the next time to play.

Sensory Den


There are lots of small adaptions that you can make to create sensory-friendly environments. Think about your day to day activities, what situations could cause anxiety or discomfort, and what changes can you make to help rid those negative feelings.

Don’t forget that you can always get in touch with a member of our friendly sensory team if you’d like any more help, guidance or sensory inspiration.