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15 February 2018

Sensory on the move…

by Alexandra Hooson

An individual with a sensory processing disorder may find it difficult to digest and cope with every day goings on throughout life. Travelling to new places and un-familiar environments can prove very stressful and uncomfortable. Therefore we thought we would share with you a few ideas from Rhino UK’s sensory range to help make these experiences calmer and less anxious for an individual.

Rhino UK see the importance of having sensory equipment that is accessible and easy to move about, so therefore lightweight, a suitable size and easy to package. Making sure lulling the equipment in and out of a vehicle and in and out of rooms is made as easy as possible.

A range of Sensory Kits are the perfect solution for those out and about. There is a wide variety of kits available to suit a wide variety of needs.

All of the equipment fits nicely into a kit bag so it can be easily carried around and put away.

Take a look at a few of our recommended Sensory Kits:

Fidget Sensory Kit

Calming Sensory Kit

Distraction Kit


There is also a Pop-Up Sensory Kit, which gives you everything you need to pop-up an exciting multi-sensory environment in seconds. This is a larger kit so would be better suited in a home or in a location the user spends a lot of time. For example a place of learning, a quiet room at work or in a hotel room if they are on holiday.

Pop-up Sensory Huts are also an excellent resource enabling you to create a stimulating sensory space in minutes in any location, therefore any size space can be turned into a multi-sensory learning environment. Inside the hut the user can go into their own little world, feel safe and take time out.

There are so many small adaptions that can be made to your surroundings to  make it a more sensory friendly environment. It is just making sure day to day scenarios are thought about; considering possible situations that could cause anxiety and dis-comfort to the person and putting a plan together to try and prevent this from happening before it comes about.

Here is a link to our Sensory on the Move Brochure, to give you a few more ideas of resources available when you are out and about.