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Sensory Tubs & Kits

We’ve put together a collection of Sensory Tubs & Kits, handpicked by our Sensory Specialists, to support a wide range of needs and abilities. From classroom fidgets to nostalgic reminiscence kits, find the perfect Sensory Kit for you.

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Filled with a handpicked collection of sensory treats, our Sensory Tubs & Kits are perfect for play specialists, SEND leaders and teachers who’d like a one-stop shop of useful sensory resources.

Each kit has been designed with a specific skill, need or ability in mind so that you can start enriching sensory play and development as soon as you open the pack.

All of our sets come complete in a carry bag or tub for easy storage and transportation too!

 What you’ll find in our Sensory Kits & Tubs collection:

  • Visual Sensory Kits
  • Audio Sensory Kits
  • Calming Sensory Kits
  • Fidget Sensory Kits
  • Distraction Sensory Kits
  • Tactile Sensory Kits
  • Namaste Sensory Kit
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Audio Kit Portable Sensory Solutions

Audio Kit

The Audio Kit contains range of top selling items.

Audio Sensory Tub Portable Sensory Solutions Size 71 x 44 x 31cm

Audio Sensory Tub

This Audio Tub contains a great selection of carefully chosen items that give a wide variety of auditory sounds and musical rewards.

Calming Sensory Kit Portable Sensory Solutions

Calming Sensory Kit

This kit is great for those with Autism or Anxiety. Portable and practical, it can be easily packed away and taken anywhere you go.

Distraction Kit Portable Sensory Solutions

Distraction Kit

Handpicked by our team of Sensory Experts, the Distraction Kit is filled with a variety of distracting sensory resources that will provide hours of stimulating fun.

Distraction Tub Portable Sensory Solutions Size 71 x 44 x 31cm

Distraction Tub

This tub was carefully selected following requests from Play Specialists and Nurses. All items are wipeable and have excellent distraction values.

Fidget Sensory Kit Autism Resources

Fidget Sensory Kit

We have carefully crafted a special Fidget Sensory Kit that's perfect for keeping fidgeting fingers happy and distracted minds focused, helping to boost concentration in learning environments.

Massage Sensory Kit Portable Sensory Solutions

Massage Sensory Kit

The kit is perfect for creating a relaxing and calming environment.

Motor and Cognition Kit Portable Sensory Solutions

Motor and Cognition Kit

Delve inside this wonderfully handy Motor and Cognition Kit that's been specially put together by our sensory experts. It is perfect for encouraging the development of gross fine motor skills and building overall confidence levels too.

Multisensory Tub Portable Sensory Solutions Size 71 x 44 x 31cm

Multisensory Tub

Our Multisensory Tub was created to provide a mixed sensory selection to support a range of themes. Includes 30 products.

Namaste Sensory Kit Portable Sensory Solutions

Namaste Sensory Kit

Calm, relax and unwind with this special Namaste Care Kit crafted by our sensory experts. Use the elements in this kit to create a safe and comforting 'Namaste' environment for older users to relax in, soothing all five of their senses: sound, touch, smell, sight and taste.

Pop Up Sensory Set Portable Sensory Solutions

Pop Up Sensory Set

Specially crafted to create a multisensory experience in minutes, this kit offers you a real treasure trove of our best and most-loved portable sensory equipment, all in one simple, affordable, action-packed collection.

Projection & Light Play Pack Portable Sensory Solutions

Projection & Light Play Pack

The projection and light play pack is perfect for rainy days as mesmerising visual effects transport users into a dreamy world that's calm, comforting and inspiring.

Reminiscence Sensory Kit Portable Sensory Solutions

Reminiscence Sensory Kit

The set is designed to help people with Dementia or Alzheimer's feel more relaxed and comfortable by reminiscing about their past.

Sensory Trunk Portable Sensory Solutions

Sensory Trunk

All in a case, this sensory trunk houses a store of basic sensory equipment that is ideal for therapy, education and play activities.


Tactile Kit

This colourful Tactile Kit from Rhino UK will keep fidgety fingers busy for hours.

Tactile Sensory Tub Portable Sensory Solutions Size 71 x 44 x 31cm

Tactile Sensory Tub

Our terrific Tactile Tub contains products that offer contrasting textures, stimulating fidgets, and therapeutic vibrating items.

UV  & Glow Sensory Tub Portable Sensory Solutions Size 71 x 44 x 31cm

UV & Glow Sensory Tub

This tub includes a variety of
products suited for the dark room
with both Glow in the Dark and UV
reactive products.

Visual Kit Portable Sensory Solutions

Visual Kit

Our Visual Kit is both colourful and interactive with a range of our top-sellers.