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White Room

White Rooms are bright blank canvases for multi-sensory exploration. Fill your space with stimulating colours, lights and sounds, for therapeutic calming and relaxation.

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Also known as Light Sensory Rooms, White Rooms are bright multi-sensory spaces for users to explore their senses and centre their emotions.

With white walls and floors, White Rooms are blank canvases for sensory exploration. Using specialist interactive lighting, sounds and music, users can project their dreams and imaginations all around the room in bright sensory colour.

Typically, White Rooms are fitted with bubbling Bubble Tubes, twinkling Fibre Optics, Illuminated Ball Pools and transformative light projectors to create an immersive therapeutic multi-sensory environment for people of all ages and abilities to explore and enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for new items to decorate your White Room or want some help creating your own White Room from scratch, don’t hesitate to get in touch, as our Sensory Team will certainly be able to help you out.

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Sensory Cushions – Square Beanbags & Large Cushions Size 150 x 150 x 30cm

Sensory Cushions – Square

A large square bean cushion which moulds to the shape of the body for ultimate comfort and support.

Sensory LED Projector Multi-Sensory Equipment

Sensory LED Projector

The Sensory LED Projector is bright, quiet, safe, cool running, energy saving and controllable - using a access switch carers and clients can interact.

Sensory Mood egg Projection & Light Effects Size 30 x 30 x 42cm

Sensory Mood Egg

Brighten up your sensory space with our glowing, colourful, and eggcellently shaped Sensory Mood Egg. It’s great for stimulating visual senses, creating calming environments, and helping users relax.

Sensory Mood Pyramid Projection & Light Effects Size 26 x 26 x 48cm

Sensory Mood Pyramid

A versatile wireless mood light all in the shape of a pyramid.

Sensory Mood Water Table Community Areas Size 58 x Dia 80cm. Well depth 18.5cm

Sensory Mood Water Table

Our new colour changing sand and water table brings a whole new perspective to water exploration and sensory discovery.

Slab Beanbag Beanbags & Large Cushions Size 125 x 120cm

Slab Beanbag

A multi-use bean bag. Use as a large floor cushion, turn it on its side and it becomes a hammoc seat or prop it against the wall and you have a chair

Sofa Bed Beanbag Beanbags & Large Cushions Size 200 x 90cm

Sofa Bed Beanbag

The Sofabed bean bag is a 3 seater soft bean bag that's as big as a bed.

Soft Frame 3 Bubble Mirror Sensory Toys Size 84 x 30cm

Soft Frame 3 Bubble Mirror

A wall mounted mirror which will distort a reflection much to the amusement of most little youngsters.

Soft Frame Sensory Mirror Sensory Toys Size 84 x 84cm

Soft Frame Sensory Mirror

Nine convex/concave dips and curves encourage users to get close to examine their reflections - which appear curiously different.

Solar 100 LED Projector Multi-Sensory Equipment Size L21.5 (without lens) x W12.5 x D8.1cm (22.5mm with hanging bracket).

Solar 100 LED Projector

The Solar 100 LED Projector is the smallest, quietest, safest and most economical 'bright light' effects projector.

Solar 250 LED Projector Multi-Sensory Equipment Size L36.7 (without lens) x W13.3 x D10.2cm (22.8cm with hanging bracket).

Solar 250 LED Projector

Project your brightest dreams across rooms and onto walls with the Solar LED 250 Projector, great for visual stimulation and distraction.

Solar Multi Facet Mirror Multi-Sensory Equipment

Solar Multi Facet Mirror

A Mirror to enhance the view especially of abstract projector wheels to create a 3D projected image

Sound & Light Panel Multi-Sensory Equipment Size H61 x W61 x D10.2cm

Sound & Light Panel

A sound sensitive wall panel which glows different colours depending on pitch and the brightness with the volume of sound.

Sound Sensitive Colour Controller Switch Multi-Sensory Equipment Size 12 x 4 x 4cm

Sound Sensitive Colour Controller Switch

A sound sensitive colour controller - the sound switch will pick up anything unusually loud and change the colour accordingly.

Sound System Massage & Vibration

Sound System

A full sound system including stereo amplifier, DVD player and wall or ceiling speakers.

Sound Wall Multi-Sensory Equipment Size H145 x W120 x D9cm

Sound Wall

Our interactive Sound Wall is a fun and engaging resource for users to explore sounds and develop cause-and-effect skills.

Sparkle Light Source Multi-Sensory Equipment

Sparkle Light Source

Our LED sparkle light source is now quiet, cool and very long lasting. Compatible with all fibre optic range.

Square sequin board

Square Sequin Board

Brush your hands against the ticklish tactile sequins to change their colour and create sensational sensory art.