Wide Angle Lens

SKU: O2058


The Wide-Angled Lens can be used to create big sensory projections in smaller spaces.


7-10 days

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Our Wide Angle Lens is great for making a big projection experience in smaller sensory rooms.

Typically sensory projectors sit in the far corners of rooms, giving them ample space to project a large image on your walls. If you don’t have a large space, your projector might have to sit closer to the wall, creating a less impressive visual effect – which is where our Wide Angle Lens comes in.

At 60mm, compared to the standard 85mm, the Wide Angle Lens gives a wider projection area at a shorter distance, so that you can make the most of your projector experience.

The lens is suitable for all Solar and Sensory Effect Projectors.

Product Code: O2058

Sizes: Lens 60mm Wide

Pack Quantity: 1


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