Squidgy Sparkle Fish

SKU: T7035


Squeeze them, bend them, press them, have a fin-tastic time with our multicoloured glittering squidgy tactile fish.


3-5 days

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Squeeze them, bend them and press them for some lovely tactile input. Our Squidgy Sparkle Fish can be shaken and manipulated with fingers to create interesting glittery patterns, stimulating your visual senses and developing eye movements.

Hide them in water or sand for a fun sensory activity.

The Squidgy Sparkle Fish can aid self-regulation, too, distracting and supporting users when they feel stressed or anxious.

They’re a great tactile fidget for users with autism, sensory processing disorders or ADHD.

Set includes four fish. Colours and shapes may vary.

Product Code: T7035

Sizes: 50-200cm

Pack Quantity: 6


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