Soft Play Floor Spinner

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Our soft vinyl-covered roundabout is made in-house by our sensory team. Sit on the disk and use your motor skills and the central column to spin round and round – don’t get too dizzy! Build coordination, motor and vestibular skills as you play.

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Our sensory team have designed a sensory soft play version of a classic playground roundabout so that users can have lots of fun safely in play environments.

Use your fine motor skills to grip on tightly the central pole, then use your gross motor skills to spin the wheel, how fast can you go? It’s a simple and exciting way to explore more about cause and effect and develop hand-eye coordination too. Furthermore, it can also be a fun friendly resource for friends to play with together, boosting teamwork and social skills.

Every Soft Play Floor Spinner will be crafted in-house, so you can have full flexibility on its colours and design. Get in touch for more information!

Product Features:

  • This soft vinyl-covered roundabout is made in-house and is available in standard vinyl colours or printed designs (at an additional cost).
  • The roundabout can be free-standing or sunken into soft padding.
  • Use the top rail to propel yourself and spin as fast or as slow as you like.
  • We’d recommend this resource for use in Sensory Integration Rooms or Soft Play Rooms.
  • Helps improve a child’s hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills.
  • Alternative designs and sizes are available.

Product Code: R0025

Sizes: W120 x H60cm

Pack Quantity: 1


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