Sling Swing

SKU: T2169


This beautifully soft fabric swing offers great full-body support and encourages users to experiment with their body positioning,


7-10 days

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Climb inside the soft and stretchy Sling Swing, experiment with your body’s positioning, and nurture the integration between your vestibular and proprioceptive senses. The Sling Swing is a calming resource for sensory integration rooms, sensory bedrooms and calming rooms.

Sling Swing Benefits

  • Creates a safe, quiet place for children to read, nap, or play with their favourite sensory toys.
  • The cocoon-like nature of the swing gives a hug-like sensation and calming deep touch pressure.
  • The gentle swinging stimulates vestibular senses.

For information about swing frames and installing the Sling Swing, get in touch with a member of our friendly sensory team.

Product Code: T2169

Sizes: 180 x 70cm, 90kg max

Pack Quantity: 1


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