Sight & Sound Tube Drum

SKU: T1030


The Sight & Sound Tube Drum consists of five individual tubes, each consisting of interesting audio and visual objects.


3-5 days

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The Sight & Sound Tube Drum is an excellent therapy and sensory development resource. It consists of five tubes, each consisting of different and visually interesting materials, creating different sounds as they spin. The entire drum rotates at the slightest touch, giving maximum reward for little effort.

Made from beautifully crafted wood and easy-to-clean plastic tubes.

Sight & Sound Tube Drum Stimulates:

  • Tactile senses
  • Fine motor skills
  • Visual senses
  • Audio senses

Base size: 26 x 22 cm

Product Code: T1030

Sizes: Base size: 26 x 22cm

Pack Quantity: 1


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