Push Popper Mini Fidget

SKU: T4042


Pack of 4 mini push popper on a key chain.  Fidget fiddle toy that behaves like reusable bubble wrap.


3-5 Days

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Popular mini push popper on a keyring that behaves like reusable bubble wrap.  This colour pack of 4 push poppers feature a pair of bubbles each that make a satisfying pop sound when pushed inwards.  After one press, the bubble then appears on the other side, ready to be pushed and popped all over again.

This fiddle fidget toy is immensely satisfying to use and is proving highly popular with adults and children.

Colours may vary.


  • Plastic pad with two popping bubbles
  • Attach to keys, bags, phone and anything else with a loop
  • Push bubble to hear pop sound

Size approx. 6cm

Great alternative to the original Simpl Dimpl

Product Code: T4042

Sizes: 6cm

Pack Quantity: 4


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