Pea Pod

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Our deep-pressure Pea Pod has been specially designed by therapists to relax and calm children with Autism and Special Needs.


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Therapists have designed our inflatable Pea Pod to calm users with Autism and Special Needs. Relaxing inside the pod provides deep proprioceptive pressure. And its clear spatial boundaries creates a secure, calming environment.

The sensory pod is ideal for sensory rooms, calming areas, social spaces and wherever you might want a quiet, comforting moment.

Pea Pod Features

  • The Pea Pod creates a calming deep-pressure
  • A cosy place to lie back, read a book, or watch a film
  • Inflatable and easy to pack up and put away
  • Specially designed to stimulate the proprioceptive senses of children with autism and special needs
  • Made from durable vinyl, the beanbag-style chair is hard-wearing and long-lasting

Size: 160cm

Product Code: T2173

Sizes: 160cm

Pack Quantity: 1


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