Fibre Optic Carpet – 2m

SKU: L8004


A black carpet with sparkling fibre optics woven into the pile creating a stunning shimmering effect. Requires a light source.


4-6 weeks

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A black carpet with sparkling fibre optics woven into the material, creating a stunning shimmering effect, ideal for visual and tactile stimulation. The twinkling carpet can be laid on the floor or mounted onto a wall.

Fibre Optic Carpets inspire imaginations and create a wonderfully distracting visual effect. It’s a great resource for decorating walls and floors in multisensory rooms, dark rooms and sensory bedrooms.

Fibre Optic Carpet Features

  • Safe for sensory play and accessible for wheelchair users.
  • Can be placed on the floor as a sensory carpet or on the wall as a twinkling tactile piece of art.
  • Easy to wipe or vacuum clean.
  • Available in a range of sizes.

Although our fibre optic carpets are robust, they’re not suitable for heavy traffic areas or areas where heavy items may be pushed over them.

Size: 2m x 2m. Also available in custom shapes and sizes. Get in touch for more information.

Please Note: This product requires a fibre optic light source.

Product Code: L8004

Sizes: 200 x 100cm

Pack Quantity: 1


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