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Interactive Floor & Table Projection Experiences

Create inclusive, immersive & interactive worlds with our unique omiVista Projector technology.
Use your hands, arms, legs, and wheelchairs to get stuck in.

Magic Carpet Creators

Our range of omiVista motion-activated projection systems create dynamic interactive images, activities and games on top of floors, tabletops, beds, tents, and any other flat or horizontal surface.

Key Features

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Movement-Based technology

OMi Technology tracks movement, so get creative and use your body to interact with the projector - hands, arms, legs, feet, wheelchairs, beanbags and brushes all work! What’s best is that multiple people can play with the projector at the same time.

Over 300 Preloaded Apps

Specially designed by a team of sensory professionals, every Omi Projector comes pre-loaded with an activity hub of over 300 stimulating, developmental and therapeutic games. From calming nature activities to exciting physical challenges, bright colours, sounds, and ideas will boost wellbeing and social play.

Dynamic User Control

Create a sensory experience that works for you. Choose your projection surface, game menus, speed and response settings from a handy central panel for a personal sensory experience.

Supports Wellbeing

Getting active whilst interacting with the projector helps users naturally regulate their mood, anxiety, and stress. Not only are the games and activities lots of fun, but they’re also great for improving wellbeing.

The Omi Collection

omiVista Install

A self-contained ceiling projector that turns any flat surface below it into an instant interactive surface. Includes activity app suite, remote & handover training.

omiVista+ Install

The Install+ also sits in the ceiling but it also includes the omi content editor allowing you to design your own unique apps & games.

omiVista Mobii

Self-contained and portable. The omiVista Mobii can be wheeled from space to space and height adjusted to project clearly on any flat surface. Includes activity suite, remote & handover training.

omiVista+ Mobii

The omiVista Mobii+ is as portable, adjustable and practical as its standard counterpart, but comes complete with the OMi content editor so you can design your own unique apps & games.

The Benefits of Interactive Projectors

  • Develops Social and Communication skills
  • Encourages collaboration and group play
  • Builds Gross Motor and Proprioceptive skills
  • Improves wellbeing and mental health
  • Motivates physical activity
  • Inspires imaginations
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Exclusive Content Creation Suite

Each system comes complete with a suite of over 300 pre-loaded activities. omiVista+ systems include a special creative editor license, where you can create your own games, activities, quizzes and more! Upload images, sounds and videos to design your own uniquely fun personal play sessions.

Choose Your Activity Suites

Sensory Suite

A selection of activities and games based in nature, that have been specially designed to calm, distract, and stimulate your senses.

Autism Suite

A collection of inclusive educational activities, quizzes and games. Designed as an alternative to classroom lessons.

Ball Games

Build tracking and motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination with our sporty collection of ball-based games.

Care Suite

Specially curated for older users, the Care Suite is filled with reminiscence activities to support and encourage elderly wellbeing.

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Want to see how an Interactive Floor Projection System would work in your environment? Get in touch with a member of our team today to arrange a free omiVista demonstration!