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In 2007 The Bridge School was relocated to the Hadley Learning Community in Telford. This was a £70 million project which enabled a 21st century learning campus including three schools over 39 acres to be created.

Educating children from reception, primary right through to secondary and, priding themselves in delivering an environment equipped for all abilities of learning including children who have severe learning difficulties or are disabled.

The school had a number of sensory rooms and sensory resources fitted at this time but over recent years some of the equipment failed and therefore, they put their feelers out to either find a sensory company to repair the equipment or, to have a complete refurbishment.

What happened next?

After speaking with a number of sensory companies including Rhino UK they made a decision to go with Rhino in 2015. They based this decision on our customer service focus, high quality products and reliable after sales maintenance service.

There was one light room and one dark room to be refurbished.

Then following on from this in 2016 Rhino were asked to refurbish another dark room and white room because, the school were delighted with the quality of work, customer service we delivered and overall experience.

The White Sensory Rooms

White rooms or sometimes known as light sensory rooms are a multi-sensory room for calming and relaxing individuals.

The Bridge Schools’ multi-sensory white room was designed with white padded walls with a range of lighting effects controlled by the Ensemble System.   The ensemble system allows multiple theme creation for complete theme control of the room and allows movement to be detected and converted into sound, light and image using various switches and sensors.

The Bridge School Teachers wanted the room to have more advanced projection than the traditional solar LED projector.  Therefore Rhino UK installed a surround projection, combining two data projectors, which integrated with the ensemble system to provide an immersive sensory room when required.

The flexibility of the sensory equipment, interactive lighting and software installed in the White Room enables the therapists and teachers to use it for traditional sensory stimulation work with individuals or provide a group with an immersive multi-sensory learning environment.

The White Room included a hoist accessible padded platform, interactive bubble tube, interactive colour-changing LED Wall Wash, light scanner, colour pinspots, water projector, infinity tunnel, sound and light panel, sound system and more.  The White Sensory Room allows multiple users to access the room with different opportunities for interaction, switch controls and comfortable places to sit.

The Dark Sensory Rooms

Dark rooms are sometimes known as black rooms or UV rooms. Dark Rooms are sensory rooms which are used for the visually impaired as products glow strongly under the UV light.  UV and sensory lights in a dark room illuminate stronger and are more defined therefore can help with hand-eye-co-ordination, visual processing and improving tracking skills.

The Bridge Schools dark room was created using black padded walls, UV carpet, UV lights, interactive infinity tunnel, glow in the dark water in the bubble wall, Fibre Optic Ceiling Ring, UV Waterfall, Solar Projector and sound system.  The dark room creates a range of opportunities for visual exploration and interaction to control the lights and effects for all abilities.

The Outcome

Since all four rooms have been completed Rhino has been in communication with the school on a frequent basis to see how they are getting on. They are very pleased with the rooms with them being used on a daily basis to help children develop their skills and learning.

For further information on the sensory rooms we can provide please contact us (link to contact form) to book your FREE design consultation.